Who Will be the 2024 Republican Candidate for President?

Reply Fri 23 Feb, 2024 08:04 am
As an interested independent voter - what are your thoughts?

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Region Philbis
Reply Fri 23 Feb, 2024 08:49 am

sadly, a traitorous convicted felon........
Reply Fri 23 Feb, 2024 08:51 am
@Region Philbis,
Region Philbis wrote:

sadly, a traitorous convicted felon........

Barring Trump's untimely passing from say choking on a Big Mac or spontaneously combusting? He's got it locked down. Even if he's convicted in one or more of the already ongoing trials.
Reply Fri 23 Feb, 2024 09:55 am
Republican-party is only named the RP because the original founding party ( Democratic ) was named Democratic Republican party ( possible was and is the greatest founding party ever made). Before and After the name change the

Central Banking Party which literally was those same Money-Lenders of the Rich bank of Germany ( at this point was corrupted by Religion AKA Judaism ) that had put France and Britain into debt. Every war since then has been about business ( even the Ukrainian war happening now ). The Central Banking party failed because people saw through it.

Whig party was formed. Whig like a Judge, or royals, or person of higher-status. This was also failed because it strongly resembled the Central Banking Party.

So then the rename of the Democratic Republic came into light. It was called Democratic Party.

Then the New Republican Party rose using that name. However in truth was really a false-flag ( sneak/ninja ) attack by those same Whig and Central Banking Party people. However the focus was not the central bank because everybody would disagree. The focus was slavery. Abe Lincoln did something
different. He actually responded to his letters and even groom himself accordingly as one of those letters suggested. Woman influenced. It made Abe look "Honest". However when Abe talked about "Freeing the slaves" ( Blacks, natives, Asian, etc ) he did not meant to help them grow in society.
Post Civil-War the marketing from Abe was not to help them adjust at all.
This became the signature move of the Republican Party that is still held up today.

The current Republican Party literally is built from the above and Southern-Democratic Party. Southern Democratic was formed to counter to over-turn the decision of freeing the slaves rather then start another war. However
"Carpet Baggers" ( those same money-lenders ) saw this as an opportunity to create chaos. By manipulating Southern-Democrats to become Republicans they help shape the "racist-right", all the while the "Money-Lenders" plan for a "Central Bank" was blooming because they had created "division" among
the people. AKA "Divide and Conquer" - Ceaser. Which is the opposite of what went down in Egypt when Pharaoh took these #$@!@ fighting among each other and bred them into the slave-class they are today. By dividing the people with racism via parties it became a confusing time in US politics. Then came the central-bank and that is when the economic downturn called the "Great Depression" happen forcing the United States into the "false-flag" wars after wars it has been having for years. While having war did pushed foward medical advancements almost of all of them are rooted from the British and French War-debt.

The mentality of "Business of War" is literally lets have a war in the US not Europe. Then it is lets have a war in Europe and not US. Lets have a war in the far east and not the US. Lets have a war after war in Africa and not the US. Lets have a war in those seperatist Eastern European nations and not the US.
Lets just fund other peoples war and let them do whatever with our tax dollars and our equipment. Lets be racist and attack others Culture, Race, Religion, and so much more.

"Greatest Business I have ever conducted" - Rothchild

Point being the Republicans are racist garbage back by White Supremacist
looney-tune maker Zionist israel.

Democratics will burn that money into Ukraine. Because communist China and the rest of the Communist world just wants US Dollar to fall.

That is the choice. Do we help fight a meaningless war. Do we ignore them and let the Bolsheviks continue to bomb innocent people leading innocent men to there pointless death.

Seriously I am not kidding, Ukraine is literally backing the Nazi position. It is stupid and poor but since Obama and "Change" happen it just seems that everybody wants to associate equality = LGBT. Under Bush nobody care at all about this subject which is the real subject that is bringing this up. And a Chad was an Eastern European group of guys harassing anybody they feel is homosexual. Not a sex symbol. This is how stupid the world is.

We have no choice but to vote Democratic and the next president is actually going to war with Russia. Which is stupid. What needs to happen is that Russia needs to kick Putin and his cab out of office and replace them, call the war off and hand over the idiots to Ukraine.

War over, money saved, all is good.
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Reply Fri 23 Feb, 2024 12:02 pm
"If" Trump is kept off the ballot for whatever reason, it's got to be Haley - right? Is there anyone else? Even a darkhorse?
Reply Fri 23 Feb, 2024 12:19 pm
AS of now? That seems to be the case. But who knows what could happen at the Republican National Convention if Trump is gone. It also depends on when Trump picks his running mate. The RNC just might skip over Nikki Haley and give the nomination to Trumps future VP choice.
Reply Fri 23 Feb, 2024 02:34 pm
Solid analysis. Who knows? Silly season is close!
Reply Fri 23 Feb, 2024 03:59 pm
I thought it never left...
Reply Fri 23 Feb, 2024 08:47 pm
Good point.
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Real Music
Reply Fri 23 Feb, 2024 09:41 pm
Who Will be the 2024 (Republican) Candidate for President?

Vladimir Putin
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Thu 29 Feb, 2024 07:21 pm
Romney/Haley. The GOP wants to demonstrate how normal it really is.
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