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ntprof is short for nutty professor.
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Sat 30 Mar, 2024 03:54 pm - Sure looks like it to me. Racist too? Haven't deep-dived into the xyz's yet. Not a good look for Benji or the Daily Wire though. What say you? (view)
Tue 26 Mar, 2024 09:00 am - After further thought, I agree with this. The divisions should be male, female and open. Male & Female to be based on pre-trans rules. The open division should allow any human being,... (view)
Tue 26 Mar, 2024 08:48 am - and @Real Music These reports indicate issues of suppression - and I have no reason to disbelieve the info. However, here's my dilemma: One clear political message on this forum has... (view)
Mon 25 Mar, 2024 10:18 am - Deceitful games and why I despise politicians and Wikipedia. The Covid -19 Origin Act of 2023 Bill was signed into law by Biden last June. The law states in Section 3: Not later than 90... (view)
Mon 25 Mar, 2024 07:38 am - [quote]1. Do you feel that this thread you started, made you more informed as a voter? 2. There is nothing wrong with being an informed voter.[/quote] Yes, it's certainly helping. Thanks... (view)
Mon 25 Mar, 2024 07:33 am - The 60 minutes video was interesting. Krebs did a compelling job of saying "trust me" and as then cyber-agency director, we should trust him. Krebs is a staunch supporter of paper... (view)
Mon 25 Mar, 2024 06:53 am - fyi: As promised, I started a separate thread about voter suppression... Thanks. (view)
Mon 25 Mar, 2024 06:51 am - Voter suppression is different than voter fraud. Suppression happens pre-election and fraud happens present/post election. The 2 are sometimes (wrongly) conflated, however there are similarities.... (view)
Fri 22 Mar, 2024 07:22 am - I consider voter fraud and voter suppression to be very different, therefore did not wish to muck-up the topics. I hate rabbit-trails... I'll start a suppression thread soon. (view)
Fri 22 Mar, 2024 07:09 am - The ERIC situation is interesting and seems logical based on my initial reading. I have a few immediate questions with more to follow: New York and California do not use ERIC. Why not? The... (view)
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