What's going on with my crush's Instagram account?

Reply Fri 29 Sep, 2023 05:53 pm
I have a crush on a co-worker, but we both have rules against dating co-workers. I've maybe heard some rumors about her leaving this job soon since she graduated college this Summer and got her degree. I've also possibly overheard her saying something about "being accepted" somewhere, but I couldn't hear all the details.

I'm not friends with her on Instagram and her account is private and I've been trying to summon the courage to send her a request. Last night I checked her Instagram account and her followers/following numbers had changed significantly in a short amount of time. She suddenly had about 20 more followers and 30 less following and this was in the span of just a couple of hours. She also had the day off from work, for what it's worth.

I don't know if it was an glitch for Instagram or something worse. What if it's her meeting a new boyfriend's family and adding all of his family members? What if a whole bunch of guys at work are trying to make a move on her? I'm trying to figure out just what's going on with her followers/following situation and how it applies to if she's still single and if it had something to do with her possibly leaving this job soon. I just don't know what to make of it.
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Reply Fri 29 Sep, 2023 11:55 pm
You are causing great and unnecessary pain in my head. This is nuts.
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Reply Sat 30 Sep, 2023 10:55 am
Look up the term overthinking in the dictionary. You should see a picture of yourself there.

Srsly, er, so what if her follower number changed?

It. Means. Nothing.

PS You don't need to summon up courage to send her a social media request, FFS. Say, "Julie (or whatever her name is), I just want you to know that I'm following you on social media because I think you've got interesting things to say."

Frame it as a fait accompli, that you're already doing it. You don't need her permission to follow her; you're just telling her so she doesn't (for whatever idiotic reason) freak out about it. And she shouldn't. If she's saying anything private, then she can either block you or change her privacy settings.

It's social media. You're not getting on one knee. You're not going into battle. You don't even have to tell her that you're following her.

To quote Nike: just do it.
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Reply Wed 4 Oct, 2023 04:47 am
The changes in your co-worker's Instagram followers/following count could be due to a variety of reasons and it may not necessarily indicate anything about her personal life or relationship status.
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Reply Wed 4 Oct, 2023 06:46 am
Curious are you friends with her in person? Or do you just listen in on her conversations with others?

If you are friends or even just friendly, ask her. If you are good enough friends with her you could directly ask her. Hey, not sure if you know but the rumor mill is saying you might be leaving here, if that is true I wish you well and love to keep in touch. Also if you are good friends, it would be helpful for her to know especially if these are false rumors.

As far as instagram I think the others covered it pretty much. I'd just add, what is stopping you to send a friend request? Unless you really are not friends and she might think you are a creepy stalker.
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Reply Tue 10 Oct, 2023 03:06 pm
I would also say to talk with her when there is an opportunity, you could just mention you found her Instagram account and were interested in connection there. I also know that Instagram is part of what Meta is over. And there are things developing with that. The Threads medium that Meta is over is having its accounts stuffed with connections that were from Instagram, I learned, without account holders doing anything for that. In a similar way developments might change numbers of following too. She might be open to connecting on Instagram and then she herself might mention what she knows or noticed about the numbers. But you wind up sounding like you are obsessing on it, avoid bringing it up. I got on Instagram to keep in contact with one person who used no other medium, and that is the only connection I have on Instagram. I will not even be using Threads, though I use some other media.
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