Am I overthinking this picture of my crush?

Reply Thu 7 Sep, 2023 07:28 pm
I have a crush on one of my co-workers, but I have a no dating co-workers rule for many reasons. I've also heard that this girl has her own qualms about dating co-workers, which would mean that we're both at an impasse as far as dating goes. I won't ask her out while we're still co-workers, but I've heard some potential rumblings about her maybe leaving this job soon.

I know that she graduated college and got her degree at the start of the Summer and I've also overheard her saying something about "being accepted" somewhere, but I couldn't make out where. Since Summer's over and Fall is here, I've kind of had my hopes up that she's going to be leaving this job soon and utilizing her degree or going to school or something like that, meaning that I would finally ask her out. And based off of how she acts around me, I'm pretty confident that she likes me. It also doesn't hurt that I know that she's single.

But today at work, I noticed something that may change the dynamic. She's actually a trainer at work and all of the store's trainers have their pictures posted on a bulletin board in our front office section. For the past few months, she's had a picture of her that's admittedly not very flattering. I'm not trying to sound like a jerk or anything, but it's simply not a good picture of her. And today I saw that she had a brand new, clearly more recent picture of her put up on the board. That was worrying to me since I view it as a potential sign that she's going to be staying here long term. If she was leaving soon, then it really wouldn't matter what picture of her is up. There'd be no point in updating it with a brand new one. But the fact that management went out of their way to put up a new picture of her must mean that she's staying at this job and they're wanting something better for an employee who's clearly going to be staying at this job. That's my take from it at least.

I have a history of overthinking little things and I'm wondering if this is one of those situations. I just really like this girl and I want to shoot my shot, but I also don't want to risk the drama of a romance in the workplace. This picture situation could potentially make or break the whole dilemma and I'm not sure what to make of it. What are your thoughts?
Reply Thu 7 Sep, 2023 08:22 pm
Yes, you are overthinking things.

And you have the solution right in front of you.

You do actually speak to this woman on occasion, yes?

Then open your mouth and ask her if she is planning on staying with the company.

The only person who really knows what she is going to do with her life is her. So get the information directly from the source, and not from reading tea leaves.
Reply Fri 8 Sep, 2023 02:42 pm
We don't get a ton of opportunities to speak to each other due to working different departments and eagle-eyed, micromanaging managers who shut down any type of casual talk outside of the break room.

But there are some times when we'll make eye contact in passing and she'll seek me out to help her with some type of project. That's the most that we get.
Region Philbis
Reply Fri 8 Sep, 2023 04:17 pm
eagle-eyed, micromanaging managers who shut down any type of casual talk outside of the break room.
you're so lucky!

i wish we had that at my place of work...

bobsal u1553115
Reply Wed 13 Sep, 2023 11:41 am
I'm glad I lived in more open and simpler times.
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Wed 13 Sep, 2023 11:44 am
@Region Philbis,
i wish we had that at my place of work...

Sure. That's what you say now.

And only since we started yelling down the hallways instead of using the intercom.
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Reply Sun 19 May, 2024 02:00 am
Overthinking works in relationship but is problematic in everything else. Well maybe not spirituality, because it requires constant contemplation. The best way to address issues of overthinking is by asking questions.
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