What to do with my mother ?

Reply Fri 7 Oct, 2022 08:52 pm
Hello, I will be short, the thing is my mother is middle aged now around 45 and she is single long time but she was never going out much, party etc. and i saw her only fef times doing dates before maybe 2 times only with 2 different types, it was short time only and nothing serious, but few months ago i noticed she is changing, living more free now, after she acomplished most things on her job and beside that she started to travel more, dress different like she is 25, she have 2-3 younger friends form her job that are my age 25 or near that, but the worst thing is that she met one guy few months ago, started going out often and for me the worst having sex, sometimes he is here in our home, sometimes she goes to his home. What bothers me is not her having sex, its normal, but she have it at home and even its big home i hear them having sex, once or twice i saw them doing it in alte hours after going out on partys etc. Its weird and dont know hot to aproach her with that...Any advice or someone had simillar situation ?
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Reply Fri 7 Oct, 2022 08:57 pm
Do you own headphones?

Then use them.
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Reply Sat 8 Oct, 2022 06:04 pm
I have to cut off your "quack quack" nonsense.

1. Middle-age is like 60,
2. Your mom is like a man of African-decent( not to discriminate but is important ) or born without a silver-spoon. She has worked her body to the bone just to achieve what most 17yo's have on automatic when they go to college. A roof over their heads, a car, and money to by drinks for girls.
3. All adults are equal ( on paper ) past age of consent, and even that is ignored. You have some mommies dressing up
4. My big sister I think is around her age or might be younger, I forget but honestly she has had children and being older just needs to iron out her expenses. Your mom is like my big sister. She has all of her $#@$ AKA including-you organized and now she is getting back to what we all should have been doing from the age of twelve at least. Having casual sex.
5. She is a continuing adult ( at least from scientifically is age twenty ) and
she has all the right to invite whoever or whatever into her house like any younger or older or bleh predatory female and get her cock on. In a couple of years she ( and you ) will be completely pointless and the chase ( eggs ) will be over for her and you. Your dad right now could associate with somebody your age if he wanted to and start the entire chronological bs all over again.
6. She is still young. For women the labido does not really start to hit them, until they are older. AKA "younger-man for an older-woman is ideal", because for men the want stops and the sooner the better we could actually start solving problems, and living healthy.

7. She is like the former wife of Donald Trump. Her life began the moment she had her own command and piece of the pie and was proud not to be under any man at all, and proud not for her children but for the fact she had independence as a woman. Which was taken away for her in a flash-of-light.

8. For women it is impossible to win. Your mom is trying to make the best of her body after realizing what most teenage moms figure out too early.

9. You have fifty year olds mothers who are more fit then most twenty year olds and do not stink and no grey shows at all, and is no different from when they were sixteen.

10. She is a free woman and is enjoying whatever time on this planet she could. My mother can not be like that at all. Why? Because things did not go the way they should have. Because she is still the same girl she was before she was twelve. It is insanity. Yes I understand hearing my own mother talk dirty is traumatizing. Like your mom she is only human.

11. Girls are like the stock market. Instead of climbing they fall just like that former wife of Trump. It is not a steady climb. Boys are different, we have the father inside of us and we stay the same until we run into you. A guy will work his bone for some girl, and then be like whatever for the rest of his life.
Girls expect to be in the buggy-horse-carriage but that ride ends and ends pretty soon, and it is not "Put-out or get out" but more like "out with the old and in the with the new" because that is the power of men. Men can do it three times over but women can not. All a woman could do is forget about the last guy she was with and pretend her family never happens like if she is a robot. Men could have like five or ten families and non of them will ever see each other and most will be bound by their mothers because women are not strong enough to emancipate and drop off at the orphanage and pretend like children never happen.

12Your mother is a girl like you and insensitively knows her time ( being the bell-of-the-ball ) and just wants to be taken advantage of a couple more times, like a girl in grade-school she was, that believed in magic and the art of the stage.

13. Your mom can not have the same relationship with the ups and downs anymore. She can not be that naive girl that went numb the moment a guy started making out with her, and went inside of her. It is gone she is not a dude, she can not get away with that.

That is why there is so many facial enhancement and features given. So many operations, that people are willing to spend money on. She can not just say "hello" and have a guy burn a couple of hours on her just to get feel in on her, or stand in front of him. She knows, she knows.
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Reply Sat 8 Oct, 2022 07:07 pm
If you're bothered by a single woman who owns her own house and having sex in it... Move out. Problem solved.
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Reply Sat 8 Oct, 2022 07:26 pm
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Thu 13 Oct, 2022 02:42 pm
Grow up: move out or make it possible to ignore it.

Seriously: you are the problem.
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