What women really want

Wed 31 Aug, 2022 09:22 am
Since the 60’s, women have had the freedom in Western countries to be as free sexually as they
wanted to. Religious dogmas did not have any effect on liberated women, and contraceptives and
abortion made the consequences of sexual freedom almost insignificant. But over the decades wo-
men have come to understand that pleasure is not as much associated with the male body as it is
with the female body. They have discovered that lesbian porn is what rocks their boat, and one
night stands with an attractive bisexual woman, is the pinnacle of their sexual experiences. Thou-
sands upon thousand of straight women declare their undying desire for sexy female lesbians on
tiktok, often with the expression: «I’m sorry, mammy*. Married women are considering leaving
their husbands, or choosing a female partner if the marriage ends.
On online forums women are often proudly telling men that women are better kissers, that wo-
man are better in bed. Even that their best sexual experience was that one time they had sex with
another woman. Men don’t to seem care much about these things. The male brain is hard-wired to
think that women are heterosexual, and if they don’t behave heterosexually, they are just complic-
ated, and it’s not possible to understand women for a man. When guys see to straight girls kiss,
and these girls seem to be so into each other, seemingly much more than when they are kissing
their boyfriends, guys just shrug their shoulders, and think they are doing it to excite them.
When guys approach these kissing girls, and get a cold shoulder and an angry look, they don’t
think that it invalidates their assumption, but instead gets another beer and tries to hit on some
other girls.
The male tunnel-vision when it comes to women is quite necessary for their ability to keep going
and approaching women endlessly to meet that one in twenty or more that will say yes to him.
The quite handsome guys that got rejected by 10 women at the local nightclub, did not notice that
the quite sexy bisexual woman got the first sexy straight girl she approached, and that the straight
girl’s friend, made a pass at a lesbian woman, but got rejected, because lesbian women know that
straight girls are only after one thing: sex [oh, the irony].
It seems there are not many studies that really dive into the depths of female sexuality. When sci-
entists wanted to know if women also look at women’s breasts, i.e. objectify women, they found
that women look just as much at women’s breasts as men do. But it does not end there. When
shows different videos of attractive men and then attractive women, one found that women were
much more aroused by the women than by the men. Then one could wonder if this translates into
real physical experiences, but that is where the scientific research community fails by not putting
this to the test. At a college it was tested if women would say yes to attractive men asking if they
wanted sex that evening, and if men would say yes to sex with attractive women. The results
showed that 75% of men say yes, and 0% of women said yes. So the hypothesis that both men
and women are heterosexual, was with this experiment proven to be false. So did the researchers
then create a new hypothesis: «Men are heterosexual and women are homosexual» and use at-
tractive women to ask women if they wanted sex that night? No, they did not. It is almost im-
possible to find serious research that tries to dispel the myth of female heterosexuality. One has to
venture into YouTube prank-videos to get an indication of the real female sexual orientation. There
one can see girls asking random girls on campus for dates, and all of them saying «yes», even if
they first expressed they were heterosexual. And one can see videos there of girls kissing random
girls on the street, and the girls enjoying it tremendously, even right in front of their boyfriends.
It would be wonderful if real scientists started asking the tough questions, and doing research that
would redefine and destroy the old ideas and concepts of female sexual orientation. Ask any bi-
sexual woman if there are are straight girls out there, and she would say with smile that there are
almost no heterosexual girls out there. Lesbians will tell you that it is much easier to get a straight
girl to bed than another lesbian. Think of all the men that sacrifice time, money, blood sweat and
tears just to get lucky once in a blue moon, but most women can just pick up any babe they want,
any day of the week.
Another matter is how much women enjoy being with men sexually. There are endless articles in
newspapers and magazines about how men can make women enjoy sex more. This is based on
the fact that only 30% of women get orgasm every time they have sex with men, but most men
get orgasm every time they have sex with women. On top of that, around 80% of women reveal
they have faked orgasm with men one or more times in their life. These facts are like canon shots
towards the bow of the vessel called female heterosexuality, when one takes into consideration
that 86% of women that have sex with women get orgasm each time. A common argument here
is that female on female sex is mostly clitoral stimulation and not regular intercourse. However,
data shows that when asked only 50% of women that received oral sex from men reached orgasm
last time it was performed. «Women know women better» is then the common explanation or per-
haps hetero-biased diversion, to this phenomenon. It is easy to forget that women also have a
profound effect on men, the opposite sex, so they seem to also «know men better» if sexual ori-
entation and arousal suddenly is about some kind of special knowledge and skill. To take it even
further, would women really want the experienced grandmother to go down on them, or the young
inexperienced bi-curious girl with the perfect body and million dollar smile...
When couples are looking for a threesome, it seems like an overwhelming majority of them are
looking for a woman in bed. According to a bisexual woman in the British reality-show «Open
House», it is very common for women in threesomes not to allow they boyfriend to have sex with
the other girl, while enjoying herself fully. Have women been like men all through the centuries of
male oppression? Have their desire for extramarital sex with women been just as string as men’s
desire to have sex with other women?
Now that women are free to choose, it is looking more and more like women desire women just as
much as men, and they are simply not able to get enough of this sensual, luxurious delight.
Moreover, when that have one-night stands with other women, seem to have no regrets at all.
When asked about these things, women often just focus on how amazing it is, how women under-
stand each other, and the passion that is often much more than they’ve experienced with any
Yoni massage by women, for women, is also gaining popularity, and women are finally able to
reach orgasm, time and time again from the sensual touch of another woman.
Women might still prefer men for relationships, but many women will say they feel much closer to
other women than to men. So perhaps men are becoming obsolete in they eyes of women,
perhaps not.
Time will tell.
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Wed 31 Aug, 2022 09:24 am
Oh look, it's mansplaining.
Wed 31 Aug, 2022 11:05 am
Time will tell.
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Tue 20 Sep, 2022 01:20 am
Heterosplaining women is also very common.
Women are actually turned on by naked women, not naked men:
Tue 20 Sep, 2022 04:53 am
Between you and me, only one of us actually knows what a woman-- a monolith if women, but an actual individual-- wants.

Spoiler alert: it ain't you.
Wed 21 Sep, 2022 11:53 am
Anyone that looks with an open mind at how women behaves towards men and women, will see they are not heterosexual. In the least, no where near as heterosexual as men. Complaining about "men only thinking about one thing", would not make any sense if women were heterosexual, since they would appreciate that men wanted them as much as they wanted men. That is not the case, women almost see it as criminal when men desire them or at least unwanted 99% of the time.
Let's not make this about "you" or "me", let's make it about uncovering the hidden secrets of female sexuality.
Wed 21 Sep, 2022 01:37 pm
I think her point is that those "secrets" are not secrets to her because she is a woman. Your observations are just your own and might have more to do with you than the women around you.
Wed 21 Sep, 2022 02:35 pm
Agreed. It is his way of explaining why he does not score with women.

Must be because women are homosexual, NOT, because they do not desire me!
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Thu 22 Sep, 2022 03:08 am
Most women would know that they are homosexual. I notice every day how they turn their heads with lustful looks after sexy women, for instance. Most women would also know that it is naked women and lesbian sex that excites them. Most women would know that they dream about 3some with another woman, not another man. Most women would know that they got extremely excited the times they tried kissing another woman. Most women would know that they had an orgasm in 2 minutes when they had sex with another woman, and they did not get orgasm at all or it took 14 minutes with a guy. Most women would know that they prefer female masseuses, not male. Most women would know they think much more positive about women than about men, since men are only after one thing etc. Most women are very happy they have a female body, and find the male body gross.
I guess most women know women better than men...but their secrets are coming out of the bag these days.
Thu 22 Sep, 2022 04:52 am
You're an idiot.
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Thu 8 Dec, 2022 01:21 am
'"Women are actually turned on by naked women, not naked men""
---if she is a lesbian.
I am a girl and I am turned on if I see a naked man Smile) lol
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