How to get money back on eBay for stolen packages?

Reply Fri 19 Aug, 2022 07:10 pm
What a sketchy area I'm in. It's because I was just the victim of someone stealing my packages. I had to go to a appointment and it was delivered when I wasnt home as I got the tracking information on eBay. But when I got home there was no sign of the packages. Is there anyway I can get my money back through eBay?? And I just don't trust sending stuff to my house anymore and will send all future eBay orders to a PO Box my parents have.

I know it was stolen because my neighbors said they had stuff that was stolen today too.
Reply Fri 19 Aug, 2022 08:18 pm
I've no answer for you, but I always use my PO Box for any kind of delivery.
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Reply Sat 20 Aug, 2022 12:07 pm
It's not the sellers or ebays concern/problem that your items were stolen.
If the tracking information says it was delivered, that's where their involvement ends. Period
Reply Sat 20 Aug, 2022 03:38 pm
chai2 wrote:

It's not the sellers or ebays concern/problem that your items were stolen.
If the tracking information says it was delivered, that's where their involvement ends. Period

Wondering if there is a delivery insurance service that could cover this situation? Or if not, if this could be a decent business model for subscribers of this potential service - to cover theft (to a limited number of incidents per year)?

But you're right. EBay and its respective shop owners don't have any obligation to the receiver after its delivered. Especially now since there are so many ways to prevent this from happening.

1. Lockboxes for packages anchored outside the receiver's home and only accessible to the resident and the delivery company;
2. PO Boxes and special package hubs and lockers like what Amazon uses across the country.
3. Have the package delivered to a neighbor whose always home; delivered to friends or family; etc....
4. Or going to pick the package up at the UPS store or delivery facility; etc....
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Reply Sun 21 Aug, 2022 12:38 pm



1. If you live is a ____ area I would

A. get a camera put in the front of the area where the item is dropped . If you live inside an apartment building the building-association ( like community association of housing but this means the tenants under a captain ) could opt for the tenants to demand a camera system to be installed where items are left. My building I lived in before had a cctv system so we could see who enters the building. My grandmother building had cameras for the elevators we could all see when we enter and a hidden security office ( the new owners of the building now have guards with guns which is depressing ).

B. As mentioned before camera in front of your door where item is left. However make it hidden.

BA. If you make the camera know it could be a deterrent. Many people put up fake cameras with lights that comes on when approached. However you will be unable to catch the thief and if they realize it is a fake they most likely will continue.

C. You have apple-tracking pins you could hide inside of objects. Like find something that looks valuable or what was similar to what was stolen, and hide the pin inside the object. Then find an address you could use as the returning address and mail it yourself. Try sending from a separate county or state.

With Apple-Pin make sure you could track the pin first hand and make sure you could see if the pin actually works.


In fact you could leave a bunch of fake packages at your doorstep with the pin inside ( however make it look like it was sent from somebody else and put all the correct stickers on the package as well. This way you will not have to pay postage for the fake packages.

Another thing is that while leaving fake packages at your doorstep you could also send a package via the mail with a pin hidden inside an object
Like hidden real good.

Why send a package out when you have the fake package setup ? Because sometimes the thief could be the delivery-person themselves. They deliver the package and then pick it up knowing well ( in the case of Amazon ) you could request a free copy due to failure of delivery in various cases.


The thief ( or tiff as my grandma would say ) would steal the package you left.


A. Are prepared for a possible violent confrontation. Not to bring a weapon but make sure your ready in case they are not hostile. Walking up to a strangers place making accusations could cause them for alarm.
B. You have a camera on you recording or streaming. You need a streaming camera because the recording could continue and would be saved online for others to view. Otherwise any recording device for the sake of evidence.
C. If possible when you find the location of the pin you contact the local authorities deputy/police and explain your situation about STOLEN PROPERTY, so they could meet up with you. When they arrives you could approach the thief place and request the stolen property back otherwise you would be willing to press charges.


So again options
1. Use trackers ( make sure they work ) setup fake packages, even through mail. Hide trackers inside. If you decide to confront person of stolen property then by all means do so, but have deputy/sherrif/police come to talk to the person as long as their is enough evidence. You do not have to prosecute.
2. Get a camera
3. Get a fake camera ( deterrent )


My sister lost her phone-camera. It had tons of private pictures of my family and her life. She used a tracker, and literally went door to door. Eventually one of the two neighbors literally ( we talked to ) turned the phone off after realizing we were tracking it. So we literally found the person who picked up her phone after she dropped it, and instead of confessing, they just flat out lied. Between the guy in the house with bars on the window and the guy who had a flower-bed I could not tell if one or the other did stole the phone. People will never confess and will sometimes even do this out of selfishness.

Another story my mother order things. In fact we all order things. Then we found the package open off the side of the building. They only left it because they were stealing garments from a woman. But the truth is that they see me and my family but specifically is targeting and looking at me. Another problem people see you live proper they become jealous even if they have.

I truly hate the fact my entire life people see my light complexion they think I am weak, or harmless, or bs. So they target me and my family. My grandpa ( mothers father ) had his big cross chain stolen and his wallet taken from him twice while going to work in broad daylight. Again we stick out like a soar thumb and these idiots look at us like we have money.

To make things worst their are people "lighter then us" who think the same thing about us. Their are tons of housing rentals but they will never rent because of discrimination.

It is insanity. People break into my place like three times ( the person is in jail now he killed some guy blah blah love triangle ) to others who are homeless hanging around. I am tired of the stupidity. It is not the older people it is the younger people. It is only when they get old is when the stupidity stops or by that time they do something stupid. Again because their are people who are "lighter then me" who thinks the same on "default" it becomes a hassle just to get a job, buy good products, or even gain employment outside of non-for-profits.
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Reply Mon 22 Aug, 2022 01:01 pm
Sadly I'm not getting my money back since the seller wrote me back and told me to contact the post office if it was lost even though I specifically said it was stolen since he said tracking showed it got delivered so there's nothing he can do
Reply Tue 23 Aug, 2022 07:00 am
How do you know it is stolen ?

How do you know it was even dropped off at your doorstep?

Chances are maybe ebay resolution got your back. They have their own
Security team and will even remember you in your have enough evidence it is stolen, etc.

I have had packages not delivered to me, and went through the process and gotten a refund through ebay without the buying being discredited.

It sucks but those things work as well.


Again if you feel somebody is stealing your stuff then you could setup fake packages. Sometimes it is a neighbor and sometime it is the delivery person. They are willing to take the risk.
Reply Tue 23 Aug, 2022 09:11 am
Because my neighbors said they had stuff stolen that day. And I found the empty packaging it came in littered not even a minute from my house
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