Elixir of Life Secrets Uncovered

Wed 3 Aug, 2022 01:58 am
@Lady Lingiton,
Well, you finally remembered us. Good to see you again.
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Wed 3 Aug, 2022 03:08 am
@Flowing Hands,
@Flowing Hands

The writer of this article appears to believe we(humans) have nectar/ambrosia built in. I thought it may interest you. Regards.

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Wed 3 Aug, 2022 09:18 am
edgarblythe wrote:

A father of a midget told me his son is officially a midget. When they quit using it I will too.

I'm sorry Edgar, I thought I was making a joke, not another format for everybody to kick each others butts. I some times remember an incident from many years ago when my Grandmother was talking about a recent bar mitzvah celebration she and my Grandfather attended, my younger brother's girlfriend became visibly irate and started to scold my Grandmother for making 'fun' of Jews. What she apparently didn't realize was that my Grandfather was Jewish and there was a large part of the family was also Jewish and frankly Grandmother loved a big party. My grandfather was my mothers step-father, but we never used terms like 'step-father', 'half-sister', everybody was family. It was great because we were able to celebrate with ALL the family and the food was terrific. We had all been to Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and non-religious events our whole lives, brother's girlfriend was embarrassed.........but my grandmother clued her in in such a lovely non-hostile way everything negative rapidly floated away.

Anyhow, sorry for the distraction.
Wed 3 Aug, 2022 09:59 am
No problem. I like when people tell me this stuff. I actually had read elsewhere that many don't like my term for the little people, but it's like calling native Americans Indians. I know or have known native Americans who call themselves Indians. To me it's no big deal if you are treating the recipient with respect.
Wed 3 Aug, 2022 07:11 pm
Totally agree Ed often the tone is where the malice or lack of it gives away the intent...that said I do indeed stop using a word if someone is directly offended by it!
Wed 3 Aug, 2022 08:15 pm
It's getting really hard for us old folks to remember all this stuff, especially when it keeps changing. It is "first nations" or "aboriginals" or "natives"... just to pinpoint one group. Then add 'binary', 'non-binary', cis', 'trans'... I keep having to look all this up. Can't we just say person or people, for Pete's sake?

If someone said to me, "I'm non-binary", I'd say, "Who cares?"

Get off my back.

Edit: And I just know this is going to cause controversy. But... who cares?
That's their issue(s), not mine.

Keeping up with this is a goddamn full-time job.
Wed 3 Aug, 2022 08:52 pm
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Wed 3 Aug, 2022 09:52 pm
I don't know what some of those terms you mentioned even mean. I pick up on what I need of them as it goes along.
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Thu 4 Aug, 2022 01:40 am
Still an idiot and off-point completely.
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