how can i get rid of insomnia easily

Mon 11 Jul, 2022 07:51 pm
My mother has been suffering from insomnia fir over 2 years now and i have tried several drugs to no avail . advice please
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Mon 11 Jul, 2022 08:41 pm
Tue 12 Jul, 2022 02:46 am
we have been in the hospital on several occasions but they keep repeating the same drugs which do not last .
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Tue 12 Jul, 2022 04:30 am
Exercise . Your body has pent up frustration and it needs to be burnt out just like a dog with too much energy.

Take your mom out on a night on the town. Get her hair done, fix up her makeup, get a rental dress, have her pose around the place, and look pretty.
Bring her to a fancy club or event, Make her look like a woman, let her dance with some other guys. Maybe some dinner and a show. IDK, make something special.

If your mom is alone without a man, maybe you could get a young body builder ( who is muscular because that is how girls think into their old age ) to lie with her in bed with his arms around her, and say sweet nothings into her ears.

Not watch television. Television has blue-light which makes you want to go to sleep but is also damages the sleep cycle.

Not eat late. Like Gremlins nobody should eat after 6PM for most part.

She is a girl more importantly a woman. Her brain is locked on to luxury as with the whore mentality. They all want to be the "Bell of the Ball" or "Ballerina is a flower in his garden" That is why women go insane buying shoes and hats. In religion women are seen as "ugly creatures" that is why instinctively they are driven to being happy with the idea of a guy noticing them. Some of them have their wires crossed as well. Women are prone to violence. Going to Wrestlemania, Baseball games, boxing matches, or anything of the sort gets them wet, lights up the lights in their eyes. Women are made ( like a bent spoon ) to be the way they are. Without anybody ruling them they are just men without penises. It is instinctive for them to be dominated, and lust after, they enjoy the chase and pity weakness. Only time you see a woman against man is usually from religious brainwashing that turned into separation of thesexes-modern-feminism which creates hate towards men. It has been founded the Catholic Church ( not Christianity ) has tons of LGBT inside who are hiding among the sheep. Corrupted to the core with many problems. Thus corrupt the flock. The same could be said about any other cult ( as described in the FBI manual ).

She is a girl, she should be doing the things that made her a human-being before she had you. Women transforms unlike men we are boys who force ourselves to be men. The military in the past would have the idea of "He-man getting his power from his mother" because god only knows where is father ( with the original idea he was killed in a war via the lost era ).

You see these models? They are no different then your mother. They even have a generation of models who live in a big backyard with waterfalls all of them strutting on rocky mountains.
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Fri 29 Jul, 2022 09:51 pm
Don't pay too much attention to when you can fall asleep. The more you focus on it, the less relaxed you will be, and the more likely you will feel anxious and sleepless. Exercise more during the day and make your body feel tired. Lie down naturally at night and try to sleep.
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