Why can't pro abortionists just abort themselves? It is all population control.

Tue 28 Jun, 2022 08:02 pm
Point being is that everybody was on the chopping block reading this.

Population control is basically like the one child per rule that China had one time ( which is now the two child per household rule ).

However in the west instead of a state rep lawyer over your shoulder telling you to reconsider while your going into labor we make up the idea that

"It is her choice"
"Abortion saves lives and why it was invented"
"think about the rapists"

Honestly that is a complete lie because while Abortion help prevent messy self-mutilation, in various cases, it was used primarly for

1. A boyfriend, parents, or associates telling you to kill it for some reason. But they do not use those words.
2. Medical science could actually support saving the fetus with test-tubes.
People could give the child up for adoption or even a couple who is unable to give birth. It is healthy for all women to give birth at a young age of 15-25 ( 10-30 ) so they are able to have more children in the future more easily. Also women could work off the extra fat/sagging skin with correct workouts. Too many women have to de sea-sections because they do not request a natural birth or even the medical staff are lazy.

3. Chance is that most "rapists" are actually people close to them and in fact ideal fathers and husbands. Not just some random person. In fact the term rape was used in place of racism with the idea that "no white girl would want any negro man child". The same with discrimination against religion and other cultures. Same places will even attack a persons age range,

However the reality is this. I hear bs like

"LGBT rights is womens rights and thus abortion rights"
"I was arrested and the mother said how are we going to raise children despite us not knowing the law"


Original point about "being on the chopping block" I have been in college and heard Jewish women students talk about how "They fear having disabled children" or even "they will go as far to have with a stranger who looks similar to their husband" because people would rather have an abortion then have a disabled child.

To be honest you have human garbage impregnating innocent girls. I ask myself why? Like that movie "species II" in the end. By human garbage I do not mean Mr. Niceguy, who gets the apologies. I mean Mr. ex-convict who made meth in their room, or Mr. 99 ex-convict attempted murder, or Mr. "I made a million dollars selling drugs in one month and served six month sentence" or "Mr. Abused her, treated her like a prostitute from a movie, and even destroyed property, to even lying on her to the courts to get her in jail".

No....no....here comes the guy who went to college makes a great living. Gets betrayed by a woman who slept with one of his clients who does wood-work, with a certificate.

Then we have monsters like Gloria Steinem. Who literally slept around with mostly men who was CEO of newspapers we all know. She herself and them all Jewish ( they come from Jewish families AKA people who practices Judaism ). This attack on non-Jews even continues with CNN CEO, to various media. Her CIA funded MS. Magazine to the book of feminism written by white men in the CIA where she used a college professor from "City College" of NYC to market as segregation to feminism called woman-ism.

If Gloria Steinem headlines had read "I am a Jewish slut telling Red-blooded, Christians across the United States and anybody else to get abortions" I am sure she would have been ignored. But instead the sign read
"I had an abortion and I feel great". It is just sad.

Their are so many people we would not know or love. I am sick of the stupidity. I am tired of it all. I mean people ( especially people who are under 25 ) still think that they are the future or they are special when in reality time proves them wrong.

Point as question ask. Why not just get into one line and all just abort themselves and just admit ADMIT IT IS ABOUT POPULATION CONTROL.

Abortion = one medical choice = population control ≠ human rights

I really wish they would all admit it. All the crowds of people just commit abortion and just admit the truth. It is population control. If all the people in the world would just commit abortion on themselves maybe everybody would stop talking about it like now.

It is a simple answer, you want abortion you can give yourself an abortion. Leave abortion to emergency medical rooms, and actually trying to save the fetus because you can literally emancipate and put up for adoption, because everybody


was on the chopping block at one point. Between the time we were born till the time you read this, you must admit, the choice was already made for you and everyone who can breath air.
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