What does my friend want from me?

Reply Wed 11 May, 2022 02:01 am
I’m 19, she is 16. I met that girl online through a dating app. At the beginning I told her, that I’m interested only in relationship with her because I absolutely do not believe in Platonic friendship. She said “I need time to think”. I truly believed in my pick up skills and decided that I will be able to build a relationship with her despite anything.
We’ve been communicating for three months. She said that communication with me was longest and mentally closer than communication with guys before .The first month she blow off me several times but she wanted to support communication with me. Over time our communication became better and better. Fun walks, regularly texting all night, phone conversations until the morning. In the third month of our communication she began to tell me that she also likes me. She always said that she believes that there will be something between us, that I’m an ideal person for her and she is afraid of losing me. I offered her to start a relationship. She agreed. She said: I’ve already thought about everything and I do not change my mind. One the next day we went for a walk as usual. At the beginning everything was fine. When I walked her home she became more silent. I tried to kiss her for the first time. She dodged. When I came home I texted her on emotions that I can not communicate with her anymore, because I like her. She wished me luck. Three days later I texted her again and tried to return everything. She said that she doesn’t feel sad that I disappeared from her life. She said that she didn’t want to have relationship with me and that she didn’t want to communicate with me anymore.
This whole situation really motivated me. In a month of time I created great app for Google Play and App Store which raised my objective value at least in my eyes. I often thought about our relationship with her. I asked myself: is this really my fault? I remembered how many times I was humiliating for her, always tried to make her fun and to make her feel special. It should also be noted that she had 5 unsuccessful relationship’s before and during our communication she used an dating app. I finally realized that all these red flags were clear at the beginning.
Two weeks after we stopped our communication I accidentally met her on the street with her friend. She was in front of me, but looked around and saw me. All her body was showing how uncomfortable she was. God, it was a terrible actor game. I passed by and didn’t say anything. After that, she deleted all her likes under my Instagram posts.
It was my birthday a few days ago. Interestingly, that she wished me a lot of good things. It was strange to hear it from a person who said before that she doesn’t want to communicate with me anymore.I answered with a single “Thanks”. But the most interesting thing is that her best friend also wished me happy birthday, with whom I almost have never communicated before. She wrote a damn big text. I’m sure that they were together when her friend wrote me that message.
Now it has been almost two month after we stopped communicating. Every time I think that I have forgotten her, she somehow gives me something to know about herself. I absolutely don’t understand her behaviour. I don’t understand why she , first:
-truly believes in relationship with me, and on the next day changes her opinion.
-and why after we stopped our communication she congratulates me on my birthday and forced her best friend to do the same.
I’m so confused.
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Reply Wed 11 May, 2022 05:29 am
Dude, she's a teenager.

They do lots of uneven, inconsistent things. This is just one of them.

You're broken up. It's highly unlikely that will change.
Reply Wed 11 May, 2022 09:00 am
jespah wrote:

Dude, she's a teenager.

They do lots of uneven, inconsistent things. This is just one of them.

You're broken up. It's highly unlikely that will change.

Agreed and there is a big difference typically between most 16 year olds and a 19 year olds - you are legally an adult; she is still in high school doing things like home coming, dances, school work...you are likely either working or attending college -

Curious about this dating app - are you supposed to be 18 to use this app? I have two daughters and from what they told me you are supposed to be 18 to use these dating apps.

So all along this "relationship" does not sound to be on solid ground --- maybe find an 18 year old that might be ready to be in a more adult relationship.
Reply Wed 11 May, 2022 10:34 am
Yes, there is a difference in age. I tried to start a relationship with her, because I had no experience of serious relations before. I decided that with 16 year old I will communicate on equal. As it was clear, the fact that someone was in relationship does not mean that that person is able to conduct them.
Yes, your daughters are right. In order to become a part of dating apps like Tinder, Badoo etc. you really need to be 18+. In Ukraine these dating apps are not as popular as in the United States. I think thats because we do not have such big cities as New York, LA, Chicago. When I downloaded Tinder, I only had 15-20 girls in this app that were from my city.
I used a telegram-bot called Leonardo Daivinchik. Very popular in Ukraine l and really simple to use.
fun fact:
on february 23 we had a romantic walk with her. I expressed my feeling to her, and she did the same thing. Everything was wonderful. The next day the war began and we both feared going out on the street and did not see each other within a month. Perhaps this war distanced us from each other. I was worried, because I thought that because of the war she will forget about my feelings to her.
Thank you for your answer! I really appreciate it!
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Reply Sat 14 May, 2022 08:56 am
Oh. Yeah, you aren't exact so linear time exception denied.
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