Possible Schizophrenia or a Con-Trick

Reply Mon 2 May, 2022 09:42 am
Could this be schizophrenia or a con-trick?

1. A person is very well read in psychology and boast about it publicly.

2. That person is selectively intimidating to just one family and very abusive. He hides this from others. After being abusive he then films himself immediately afterwards telling the real victim that they have just engaged in that behaviour to them?

3. The person uses assertive talking to convince themselves something they had done to a victim was happening to them instead? For example, while filming the person would use phrases like, "You have done X, you have done Y", and then repeating that like a ranty-mantra, just after they have done these intimidating things themselves to the victim instead?

4. The person openly displays enjoyment to the victim when he has engaged in this activity. He is possibly trying to get his victim to crack?

5. The person is engineering incidents to try to make it appear their victims are engaging in anti-social behaviour to them instead? Eg, laying footprints in the snow from a neighbour's property leading up to one of their own windows and then claiming the neighbour is spying on them. Eg, after being caught smashing a neighbour's CCTV, they then engage in numerous attacks thereafter, then filming the neighbour restoring the CCTV to working order and then claiming the neighbour is moving their CCTV to try to justify their original attack. Note, time displacement is a common theme with the perpetrator.

6. The person who is intimidating and aggressive, but pretends to be fragile, so fragile they cannot leave their house or garden. They then leave their house and garden, going shopping etc, in a potential attempt in showing off they can con people.

7. The person and those around him persistently refusing to view or collect film evidence of that behaviour?

8. The partner is a very convincing liar and lies to hide that behaviour? Could that be a result of intimidation or mind techniques by the perpetrator?

9. The person shows narcissistic tendencies, a God complex, habitual lying and is persistent altering of reality? I can give a load of examples if required.

Could this person be schizophrenic or is this person fully conscious of what they are doing due to all the planning and attempts to cover it up?
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Reply Mon 2 May, 2022 10:42 am
Are you the victim or the perpetrator?

My answer would depend on that factor.
Reply Mon 2 May, 2022 10:58 am
My family are the victims. The perpetrator's social worker is trying to hide his behaviour because it is a continuation of behaviour for which the perpetrator had access to his kids removed. The social worker got his kids back at a time where he had just transfered his behaviour from his ex-partner to us.

We have reported this to the police, but the police say they cannot go against the (senior) social worker's assesment for some reason, even when we provide video evidence.

Reply Mon 2 May, 2022 11:05 am
So, that means you're the perpetrator?
Stop that. It makes for ugly holidays.

You are being so cryptic that it's hard to ascertain what's the issue here. If someone broke a cctv and there's proof, make a police report and press charges. Stay away from someone like you are describing.
Reply Mon 2 May, 2022 11:08 am
We are not the perpetrator.

We cannot stay away from him, he lives next door. He is constantly engineering these events to try to make false claims against us. Its literally every day.

My elderly mother has gone to hospital 4 times for a stress related issue at really bad times when he is doing this. The issue is life-threatening.
Reply Mon 2 May, 2022 11:11 am
You know when he goes shopping?? That's creepy, to say the least.

You do not have to interact with a neighbor.
Reply Mon 2 May, 2022 11:15 am
No, we see him out when we are shopping.

We cannot avoid him. The man stands on a chair overlooking a fence and rants at us. He bangs on our wall with a large pole at night. He stands in the back field and loudly shouts cock-a-doodle-doo in English words in the middle of the night. He throws things on our roof in the middle of the night which wakes us. How can we avoid that?

How can we avoid a man who is constantly engineering events to make false counter-claims against us? Do you understand how stressful that is, or do you think victims are expected to put up with that?

Are you a trained psychologist? You are immediately making excuses for him without discovering the facts.

The major problem is this senior social worker is deleting our complaints from council records and has been hiding his behaviour for years.

If this was a known problem in the mental health community, we could give that information to the police who could then take steps to get the right treatment for him.

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Reply Mon 2 May, 2022 11:38 am
In the UK there are television programmes about people who have terrible neighbours, a lot of the behaviour is criminal.

There are some real horror stories.

I don't know if there is anything like that where the OP lives, but even if there was, it's not something everybody wants to do.

The best thing to do is see a lawyer. Asking cod psychology questions from strangers on the Internet is a waste of time.

A2K does not give out legal advice. Find a lawyer who specialises in anti social neighbours.
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Reply Mon 2 May, 2022 10:02 pm
Pretty bizarre behavior. Should be easy to get on film.

( you can also request that another social worker to re-open this “ case” that this person is provoking and threatening your family)

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