Im being accused of things i didn't do

Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2022 01:21 am
I have a close friend and we played some mmorpg’s. in one of the games we played she accused me of stealing her buffs. Here’s what happened. When a certain monster gets killed it drops a buff. The buff fell to where my character was standing or where my character went. This happened not just once but It wasn’t my intention to get the buff. I explained this to my friend but she never believed me. She said I took the buff on purpose and that I was lying. She told me I’m a liar and a troll. When we played that game again i tried to maintain my distance or i just skipped killing the monster(my purpose of killing the monster is the XP not the buff). I stopped playing this game.

Just recently we had a misunderstanding again. Here’s what happened. We were questing. I am slow and she explained to me that she didn't like waiting for too long doing nothing. I asked her to continue and I just catch up. But she said what’s the use of playing together. So I asked her to just wait for me. We were supposed to go to a certain town and the town was located in the middle of the desert. The ideal mount was a camel so I had to go to the stable where I left my camel. I set my character on auto-path to go to the town where I thought my camel was checked in. When I arrived at the stable the camel was not there it was at another town. I started the mount transport which took 10 min. When my camel arrived I started my way to the quest. In the middle of my journey my brother arrived so I had to leave for a bit and just set the mount to follow the auto-path. I only needed to hand something to my brother and done est less than 5 min. When I got back in game my friend asked where I was going. I checked the map and it was going to the auto-path I set earlier. That added another delay. I explained to my friend that my brother dropped by so I just set the mount to go but was following a wrong path. I said I was sorry and that it was a mess. It was late for her so she logged out and we continued at other time. We continued the quest and I made some delay again. I couldn’t find my way because I wasn’t familiar. She was waiting for me while I was finding my way to reach her. Finally I found the way. When she was done with all the quests at the area I stopped doing the other quest because I didn’t want her to wait. At one point she was waiting for me again. She asked me if I was reading all the dialogues. I thought she was referring to chat dialogues so I told her that I do read the dialogues and that I even back read to make it sure that I get everything she said. After I said that, she said she will do the quest on her own from that time on. I felt something wrong happened but I was clueless. To me it’s fine that she’ll do her quest on her own since I didn’t want her to keep waiting for me. I thought everything was fine. I told her that we can still do other things in game together. And then this… The time when she waited for too long when I made a mess with the mount, she told me I did it on purpose that Im a troll. And the dialogues part she said she was referring to the quest dialogues. I said sorry coz I thought she was referring to our chat dialogues. She said I was lying and that she won’t fall for such trap.

TLDR. After explaining what happened she insisted that im a troll, a liar and I did things on purpose to upset her. For now i stopped playing. She has a last message about my life choice that I can be a liar, I can be a troll, just not on her anymore. I haven't replied to it yet because i don't know what to say. I just keep quiet for now and observing. She's a dear friend to me. What should i do?
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Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2022 06:46 am
Dear friends don't go around calling each other trolls and liars
Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2022 09:23 am
jespah wrote:

Dear friends don't go around calling each other trolls and liars

Agreed - and especially over something like playing a game. Not a good friend.
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Reply Wed 20 Apr, 2022 06:28 am
What is your friendship based on? If it’s these games, recognize that she is ahead of you in terms of skill and is getting impatient with you.

Agree to stop playing the same games with her and see if the friendship lasts.
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