how to get to know someone before their birthday when you can't talk to them outside where you met

Reply Sun 23 Feb, 2020 09:29 pm
I've got a strange question.A few weeks ago when I went to visit this church ( I took an uber there),my friend&her bf drove me home which is anywhere from a 45min to an hr drive,but longer that day cause they dropped her siblings off@her place and went to get gas.They were looking like they were having fun, so didnt want to interrupt to talk even though part of me did, so I could have told her I wanted to learn more about her. I feel like that was my one opportunity to learn about her and I blew it and wont have another chance. So without going to her church, without being in the same car and living about an hr apart, and not behind allowed to talk on FB or phone, how would you suggest I can get to know her if I blew my one chance? I talk to her at my sessions, but onetime when I told her I type myself I wasnt going to talk about me so she could talk more this time, she said "we're here to focus on you", so I don't know if that will work. Part of me wants to say at my next session that I feel like I ruined my opportunity to get to know her better,but other part of me says that will push her away.I want to get to know her more for 2 reasons, 1 just to know her better and 2 so I know what she likes so I can get her something she likes and will use for her bday. Based off today, I'm pretty sure she wont like what I got her so far. She'll pretend to, but they'll probably just get tucked 9away somewhere never to be seen or used. Did I really blow my only opportunity? Sometimes I wish I had a time machine
Reply Mon 24 Feb, 2020 06:12 am
Is this your therapist?

If so, then getting to know her in any manner beyond therapist-patient is never going to happen. Patients get crushes on their therapists all the time. If it becomes anything beyond your professional relationship, she could lose her license.

But let's say she's not your therapist. If not, then the only thing clear in your post about who she is, is that she is someone you met one time and have now, for some bizarre reason, purchased a birthday present for.

That is seriously creepy.
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