Relationship Problems

Reply Wed 12 Jan, 2022 07:29 am
Hey everyone! So I have some problems with me and my "gf" relationship. I really like this girl and she likes me (We both admitted to each other over snap), once I asked her if she sees me as her bf and she asked if I saw her as my gf and I said yes and I quote she said "Oh, then I see you as my bf". She's a very open and friendly girl and has a lot of friends. However one of my friends asked her if she is dating anyone and she said no (Btw, this was after I asked if she sees me as her bf). When I heard about this I was confused a little, are we really dating or is she cheating on me or something else.

Key things to know:
She does get flirty sometimes with me
I catch her staring at me quite often
We don't rly talk at school
She talks to this one boy a lot (I'm no sure what there connection is but as I said she's really friendly and open but idk)

That's all, thanks for the help and feel free to ask follow questions!


Ps. All help/advice will truly mean the world to me
Reply Wed 12 Jan, 2022 07:51 am
Do you actually take her out on dates, or do you just chat on Snap?

There are a lot of ways to go on dates. And they pretty much all involve in-person stuff (yes, even with Covid; you'll find a way). If you aren't doing anything like that, then no, you're not dating.
Reply Thu 13 Jan, 2022 12:27 am
Nope, we just talk on snap, I asked twice but she cancelled on both and covid isn't a problem we have a mall near us with only mask restrictions.

Also how can I ask if we're dating without making it akward.
Reply Thu 13 Jan, 2022 12:35 am
You ask about dating just like you asked if you are her boyfriend, why is a dating question suddenly awkward?????
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Reply Thu 13 Jan, 2022 06:17 am
Don't ask if you're dating.

Just ask her out. Make it clear that you intend for it to be a date. And then you'll know.

And don't tell me that asking her out is awkward and you need something else to try. No. This is the shortest, straightest, clearest path to what you want. Anything else is just avoidance behavior.
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