British Prime Minister Shows Absurdity Of Lefty Arguments

Reply Fri 29 Jul, 2005 11:57 pm
GF.....you're neither a Vietnam Vet nor an American so it would be safe ot say that you nothing about American Politics nor the Swift Boat Vets. You sound a little bit "Wacko".

Try commenting on somethig about which you have a vague idea.....like perhaps "How to beat the heat in the outback".....or...."How to avoid a Great white while swmming off one of your beautiful beaches.

I promise never to make a comment about Aussie Politics.

PS....Unusual description of a brown noser .........

Yep they didn't make me go to Vietnam, close though, you are aware that Australia sent forces to Vietnam aren't you rayban?

Not American - not even close, got an American uncle and cousins though.

So from that how do you get to I know nothing about American politics or the Swift Boat Vets? What's to know? I studied American politics at uni (undergraduate only) and I saw through the lies being told by the Texan spinmeisters before Kerry's camp did. I think the archives at a certain political forum will show that. Kerry made a huge mistake in not responding quickly to the lies. When he did and the evidence showed that they were lying, too late, the lies were out there and no-one was listening to Kerry.

Now about beating the heat in the outback. I was stationed in the outback at various small towns. My advice? Stay in the pub.

How to avoid a White Pointer shark? Well don't go into the water, but if you must make sure you're not bleeding. Where I live we get lots of them so we are all very careful about not swimming if bleeding. Safer to go scuba diving, that way they don't mistake you for a wounded seal. My diving instructor said stay still and stay low and they leave you alone - not that I want to test that advice.

Be my guest in commenting about Aussie politics - but be warned it's not half as interesting as American politics. Well ever since Prime Minister Keating packed it in.

You can use the brown noser one, I made it up myself so no worries with copyright.
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