Trouble getting it up please help

Reply Sun 5 Sep, 2021 09:41 pm
I’m 20 years old and have been seeing this girl for the last month and we both like each other a lot. The only problem is the first time we tried to have sex I wasn’t able to get an erection even though I was before when we were cuddling. And then the next week we tried again and the same thing happen, able to get an erection when cuddling but once a little into when we start to make out or something i begin to get soft. I am a virgin so It could be nerves but it’s really messing with me in my head and I honestly feel alone and don’t know how to go to about this.
Reply Mon 6 Sep, 2021 06:58 am
Sounds like you're going from zero to 60.

Can you get and sustain an erection long enough to climax during mutual masturbation or oral sex?

If you don't know or you haven't tried, then try.


Because if it's nerves, then you may feel more comfortable if you get more used to being naked with her., and orgasming with her.

And don't forget that you're new to this. You can't expect to have perfect moves.

And that's okay.

Reply Mon 6 Sep, 2021 06:54 pm
She tried to give me a handjob the second time but she was going a lil to fast and rough so I stopped it thinking that it wouldn’t get me going. I do like your idea though and I do think that getting more comfortable is the best solution. Also has anyone ever had problems like this and think it’s due to Marijuana? I smoke a lot of weed and have seen some articles about how marijuana use in young people can be one of the main factors in younger folks having the same problem as me.

PS: thanks Jespah I wasn’t really sure how I’d feel about posting my problems on a random forum but I hope everyone on here is like you in the way that you are trying to help:)
Reply Mon 6 Sep, 2021 07:21 pm
It varies (the help, I mean).

Hmm maybe try without the pot?

And also all the usual pleasant stuff where we get to know someone and get comfortable with them, as in ... dates. Smile
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Reply Sun 31 Oct, 2021 10:13 pm
probably Nerves I had that problem at age 15 then when 20 I was a stud, then all through my 40's -50's NOW this is me today but I think its age>when , now at 74 I get a little twinge, with the wife, but loose it I tried Viagra and no t good for me,
is there anything that can get you back on track or you just have to except it.

maybe Viagra will work for you.
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