Do you want to know something very interesting...

Reply Fri 1 Nov, 2002 08:44 pm
In 1936, A German Scientist By the name of Albert Hoffman In search of a headache pain reliever actually created LSD. But his tests remained inconclusive so he put it up on a shelf, where in 1938 while searching for something else or cleaning it fell and broke, thus with him getting a little bit on his finger where he began to feel weird and started to record his experience. He also studied it more.
Through the yrs proceeding after the C.I.A used it on tests including civilians and their own personnel.

Though the most intersting aspect of this whole thing is that Timothy Leary Known as an outlaw yrs later for his use of this drug and other actions, actually was a Harvard Graduate that wrote the test we now have to take to get into the Military. Though it is stated I may be wrong that if you have ever done LSD (dylesergic Acid diethylamide, I know I spelled it wrong, commonly derived from a fungus known as Ergot, found on Rye bread) That you can not fly one of their planes. IRONIC
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Reply Fri 1 Nov, 2002 11:25 pm
Actually Leary had some remarkable results using LSD in group therapy sessions with prison inmates. Uh, that is to say, he and the inmates all dosed up. It was thought that the strength of the experience helped form a special bond between the members of the group and made them more open to one another.

Then agan, if you're on acid who needs a plane to fly anyway?
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Joe Nation
Reply Sun 8 Dec, 2002 11:28 pm
Some historical notes
I arrived in Boston in the fall of 1965 for school. Back then you could buy LSD on just about any corner of the Back Bay for $2.00 or if things went really right someone would just give you some at a party. They used sugar cubes wrapped in plastic wrap, each one wrapped separately so it always seemed to me that they looked like Halloween candy. People always talked about how many milligrams (mgs but pronounced mikes) a dose was supposed to have, some would have 100 mikes, some 200 but I don't think anyone really knew. And there were always dire warnings about taking too much and bad trips.
By the time I got to Monterey in the summer of 1967, LSD had gone big time. You bought a 2 inch square pane of clear sugar with 2500 mikes on it ($10) and you split it up amongst your friends. Or you dosed it all. I did have one friend go a little nuts one night after splitting a pane with me.
He said later he thought all the acid was on his side of the tab, but I had a nice trip that night. Nice colors in the night sky, beautiful sounds from my guitar and the best mushroom and black olive pizza. Acid and a little smoke from a joint was a very mellow thing.

A couple of years later, acid had gotten a bad rap, mostly because jerks had sold a bunch of animal tranquilizer as acid at a couple of roadshows. The mellowness had gone and I let it go too.
Acid, real acid, is good for your head, but I don't think I would want to try and fly a place while tripping, or have my pilot try a tab before taking off.
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