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I am a living person, that walks this earth in hopes of maybe making it a better place for the children of the future. I have lived several places, and have met several kinds of people. I have a weird ability to be very observant, and thus love to observe people from the way they walk to the way they talk. there is alot in a person more than just the black and white that you normally see. I wish to get a book written to help people that suffer and maybe help them. I also want to somehow set up a non profit organization with certain people to help these people. Though someday I also wish to extend into working with or teaching Autistic children, if there is one thing in this world that bothers me it is people that discriminate or make fun of a handicapped person, I also cannot stand men that abuse women in any way even just a verbal insult, also those that abuse children or old people in the same manner.
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