What are your thoughts on homeless people who are pet owners?

Reply Mon 18 Jan, 2021 08:41 pm
-Are people who are homeless capable of taking care of a pet?
-What challenges do people who are homeless have with taking care of pets?
Reply Mon 18 Jan, 2021 08:48 pm
Seriously? If you have no idea of the roof over your head, or the house rules, how can you take responsibility of a pet? Food security for oneself in doubt threatens your own wellness as well as the pet. Food, pet vet visits all take money etc.
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Reply Mon 18 Jan, 2021 09:08 pm
I see a lot of homeless people with dogs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that didn’t look well fed and well taken care of.

It’s also clear they are happy with their humans. They’re certainly kept clean, and I see them being given water and snacks.

A lot of the homeless here have gathering places where they keep tents, sitting areas etc. If dogs are there I’m just guessing they’re getting enough food.

A dog is good protection for a person. That was the original purpose of having a dog around.

I’m not sure what the OP means of “capable of”
Are they capable of loving and being loved by a creature that was the first species man encouraged to hang around?

Are they capable of sharing their warmth, their food and company with a creature that loves them?

I see the answer as yes many times a week.

Btw, obtaining food is not the hardest thing for a homeless person to obtain, by far. There are many sources for free or low cost food

Reply Mon 18 Jan, 2021 10:25 pm
I agree with Chai.

If I were homeless, I would certainly want to have a dog. Then again, if I were a homeless dog, I would certainly want to have a human.

I don't think there is any real question here.
Reply Tue 19 Jan, 2021 09:46 am
maxdancona wrote:

I don't think there is any real question here.

If there was no question in the mind of the OP then they'd not have bothered to ask.

However, I must admit my experience with the homeless, is quite limited. I was thinking in terms of the more extreme cases.
Reply Tue 19 Jan, 2021 04:38 pm
The needs of Human beings are more important than those of animals. This includes homeless human beings.

That being said, there is no reason that homeless people can't be good for pets too.
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Reply Fri 28 Oct, 2022 09:54 pm
Great observation and I concur with everything you stated.

I’ve fallen into a low income bracket and I’ve seen first hand the plethora of food banks and ‘soup kitchens’ that double down on milk, cheese, water and other essentials (no questions asked) that both man and beast consume.

Personally, I would not be harboring an animal if I was on the streets, it just wouldn’t feel right... but for others with perhaps a slight mental issue or ptsd, etc. having a dog can make a world of difference in their daily lives.
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