Does anyone have suggestions of what nicknames to call Joe Biden?

Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2020 04:13 pm
1. creepy little girl sniffer
2. election thief
3. head of Americas biggest crime family
4. Joe the racist white supremacist
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Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2020 04:34 pm
@Dr Sliptinschit,
I was thinking more along the lines of

1. President Biden.
2. Commander in Chief.
3. Winner.
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Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2020 06:09 pm
@Dr Sliptinschit,
Does anyone have suggestions of what nicknames to call Joe Biden?

Protector of large corporations.

Enemy of regular people.

Ally of China.

Trojan horse for Harris.

Defender of big tech.

Someone who no one suspects of cheating.

Biden is a hero to all.

Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2020 06:43 pm
I love the conservative thumb spam that happens on these threads.
Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2020 07:15 pm
What is "thumb spam"?, could you explain please?

Thank you.
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Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2020 08:19 pm
I like large corporations (which are the background of American innovation) and big tech. I also like "regular people" (whatever that means... I want Biden to reach out to them).

I am most thrilled that Joe Biden is a "trojan horse for Harris" although "trojan horse" isn't exactly the right term given than most Biden voters want Harris to be president...

Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2020 09:11 pm
Dr Sliptinschit
Reply Tue 29 Dec, 2020 09:42 pm
Yeah, a savior of his criminal, crackhead son, Hunter.
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Reply Wed 30 Dec, 2020 12:19 am
I completely agree with you, only large corporations should be allowed to have a say in the direction of the country and what people are allowed to do. I agree with you, big tech should be allowed to control speech. I agree that all people are excited for Harris, that's why they could all tell you exactly what she stands for. I agree with you that everyone who voted for Biden, did so to vote for Harris, and none of those people voted out of spite towards trump with no idea what Harris's values are.

You are a very smart human, could you please explain to me about what thumb spam is?
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Reply Thu 10 Jun, 2021 06:56 pm
Joe Biden ----
Superannuated lightweight with incipient dementia

The leader of a party with no alternatives

Godfather to the Biden family

Professional Politician, who never held a real job.

Plagarist in Chief

Master of the malaprop
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