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Wed 26 Aug, 2020 08:54 pm - [youtube][/youtube] (view)
Wed 26 Aug, 2020 05:25 pm - [quote]If you can get cj and Ollie to vote for Biden i will buy you a beer, hell I will buy you 2 beers.[/quote] Why would you encourage people to vote for a racist? (view)
Wed 26 Aug, 2020 05:21 pm - [quote]Hopefully we can convince some number of these folks to vote for Joe Biden in spite of the way you feel about them. I would also like to have a sincere talk about issues like Black Lives... (view)
Wed 26 Aug, 2020 05:02 pm - [quote]I hold the president of the United States to a different standard than I do angry people in the streat.[/quote] So do I, Racists need to start living up to the message Trump is trying... (view)
Wed 26 Aug, 2020 04:54 pm - [quote]Trump is pitting Americans against racist black supremacists![/quote] (view)
Tue 25 Aug, 2020 10:42 pm - [quote]That's easy. The White woman.[/quote] It was the 3 black men who choose to rape a white woman, who is the racist now? (view)
Tue 25 Aug, 2020 10:32 pm - [quote]This silliness from a man who claims that black men as a group are rapists of white women and should be told not to rape our white women.[/quote] Why do you have a problem with that? (view)
Tue 25 Aug, 2020 10:07 pm - Liberal, progressives have no compassion for what has happened to you. But, if you were a black woman raped by 3 white men they would be burning down 7-11´s and killing cops. (view)
Tue 25 Aug, 2020 09:19 pm - Do you have a problem with the President being against dishonoring the memory of George Floyd by THUGS? (view)
Tue 25 Aug, 2020 09:03 pm - [quote]To be fair the man is an equal opportunity racist, bigot and all around hate monger .... because he quite obviously loathes everyone who is not him.[/quote] Seriously, What do you have to... (view)
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