Beat up (easily) in front of my girl

Wed 23 Dec, 2020 06:29 pm
One of my friends and I are kind of competitive and can sometimes argue when we have a few drinks. On a vacation last week at dinner we got into an argument. I made a comment he did not like at all and he got up and left the table. He told his wife she had to leave. As we were walking out, the argument continued in the parking lot. He said something and I made a comment back and it turned into a physical fight. He came at me and first he got me by the throat and had me bent backwards over a car's trunk in the parking lot. Then he took me to the ground, kneed me in the stomach and climbed on top of me for a ground and pound. He still had me by the neck. The two girls were begging him not to beat me any more and eventually a big guy from the restaurant came out and stopped it. Now what? It was a clear-cut beatdown and loss for me. Not only in front of his wife, who he eventually admitted liked how he manhandled me, but in front of mine. I feel like I haven't been the same since.
Wed 23 Dec, 2020 07:20 pm
God, I hope you're not still friends with this psychopath.
Wed 23 Dec, 2020 07:26 pm
In his defense I was over the line with what I said.
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Wed 23 Dec, 2020 10:04 pm
He should have known that you don't beat a man up in front of his wife. It's unforgivable. Drop him as a friend.
Wed 23 Dec, 2020 11:34 pm
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Thu 24 Dec, 2020 07:12 am
I'll never understand stupid male behavior.

So let me see if I have this right. You shoot off your mouth and got your ass kicked and you're more worried about how you look to your wife. Well, you still look like you haven't learned anything.

First of all, why do you feel the need to go over the top with saying things to people? Don't you have a filter or at least know when to STFU? Come on, this is taught in grade school and you still don't think it applies to you??

Second, why did you follow him out? You couldn't have waited to let him go to cool off?

Third, it never occurred to you to apologize to him for your lack of social skills and inappropriate behavior? To his wife? To your wife?

And finally, do you feel you have a problem with alcohol infused violence?

You need to own your poor behavior. And fix it so it doesn't happen again.

Thu 24 Dec, 2020 08:07 am
I'll never understand stupid male behavior.

I'll never understand stupid sexist uppity-ness.

These immature behaviors are not limited to men. Women can and do behave similarly and often. Women and non-binary people too, do things which are immature, immoral and more. After a thrashing their concern is towards keeping the friendship with the person who attacked, tore off their hair extensions, (or whatever else), left them bruised and bleeding. They presume the romantic partner will stand by them. Or not. But human nature takes over and pushes them into saving the fragile fractured friendship first.
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Thu 24 Dec, 2020 01:31 pm
1. Quit drinking
2. Stop hanging with people who drink.

Sat 26 Dec, 2020 08:53 am
Yeah, it often takes a complete beat down to wake us up.
Should what your wife's impression of you be the most important thing in the world to you?
I once thought so.

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Sat 26 Dec, 2020 09:04 am
You must be kidding.
Please tell me you’re kidding.
It’s going to be so lonely out there.

My name is is Leadfoot. I’m an alcoholic.

Hello... ?
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Sun 27 Dec, 2020 10:55 pm
First, you need to get over it before you let it grow into more than it is.

Which is more important, being smart or being macho? In my opinion, being smart a lot better than being macho?

What did you say, and why did you say it?
What has your GF said about it?
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Mon 28 Dec, 2020 09:00 am
1 - You should have won the argument...and that is what should concern you in front of your wife.

2 - If the worst comes to past and you have to go physical do it properly and for proper reasons. It has nothing to do with physical strength, but determination and clear cut precision.
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