NRA is champing at the bit to start shooting up schools

Reply Sat 21 Nov, 2020 05:04 am
izzythepush wrote:
the above comments by NRA nonces.

The only nonces here are serfs who hate the NRA.

izzythepush wrote:
Talk for yourself, what we need to do over here is get these child murdering scumbags out of our country.

The only scumbags in your country are Kercher vermin. Thankfully the father is now in hell with his bitch daughter.

izzythepush wrote:
We need to shut down the military bases including those in Diego Garcia

Any attempt to force the US out of Diego Garcia will result in the US seizing control of the island for ourselves.

If you wanted the US military to stop protecting Europe you should have supported Mr. Trump. He was trying to arrange that.

izzythepush wrote:
and put the evil bitch who murdered Harry Dunn on trial.

Don't be silly. A traffic accident is neither evil nor murder. You make her sound like she was Meredith Kercher or something.

By the way, shouldn't Rudy Guede be getting released one of these years? It's going to be a lot of fun watching the Kerchers watch him go free. Twisted Evil
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