(Female) I am not tight enough

Fri 30 Oct, 2020 11:28 pm
Hello, I don't who else I could talk with, so I decided to go on a forum for this. This is very intimate for me and I really don't even know how to start.

So, the thing is, that I am not tight enough for my boyfriend. We had like vaginal sex maybe 6 times in 2 years.. It was like at the beginning of our relationship. But I am the only person who could enjoy this, my boyfriend couldn't cum. He meant I am not tight enough, and he also can't keep on being hard.
He only enjoys anal now, but I don't like it because it hurts and the feeling of anal for me is, to be honest, kinda disgusting.
Since then we never had Sex anymore after several trials of Sex (we wanted to buy several different sizes of analplugs, but I guess he doesn't care about it anymore).
The only thing I can do now, is giving blowjobs in which he says I am really good at.
But I also don't like to do this every day, so our sexual life is kinda very at its minimum.
I wanted to train with love beads, but I can't get them inside me even if I did warm up (They are kinda big and it hurts me when I try to force them in myself, it is like since we don't have sex anymore, I can't get anything inside without being hurt since I only masturbate on my clots usually..)
Now I don't know really what to do, I wanted to ask for some advice, whatever it is. Thank you very much.
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Fri 30 Oct, 2020 11:44 pm
Sounds to me like he is too small. He will probably not want to hear that.
Fri 30 Oct, 2020 11:49 pm
Pelvic floor exercise and not pump
Is the way to make men really jump
Into bed it is said
With a head that's not dead
Giving all those involved a good bump.
Sun 1 Nov, 2020 10:43 pm
Though, I think for me he is pretty big? Also, he is otherwise average size for men
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Sun 1 Nov, 2020 10:44 pm
Thanks, I will try that! Do you know how long it might take until you can feel a change?
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Mon 2 Nov, 2020 07:58 am
It sounds to me like you need a new boyfriend.
Mon 2 Nov, 2020 11:00 pm
I am sorry, but I don't leave someone just because the sex ain't working like most of the people would do. Because I am not heartless and my boyfriend was just honest with me, better than to hide it and just trying to push it away to cover that you can't do it.
Tue 3 Nov, 2020 06:27 am
In a good relationship, both people get what they want and need. Each person accepts, respects, cares for and appreciates the other.

Here is my problem with your relationship...

1) He is insulting your body. I have been in several relationships with women, including with women who have literally pushed another human being through their vagina. I have always loved the bodies of the people I have been with. I can't imagine insulting a woman in this way.

2) He is blaming you for his problem. Yes, I will admit it... many men have a problem keeping an erection (especially as we age). A real man will accept this as his problem.. and in a healthy relationship a couple will talk openly it, it is part of working together to have a great sexual relationship.

3) He doesn't seem to care about your pleasure. I am going to take a wild guess that he doesn't ever give you oral sex. When I have problems keeping an erection.. my concern becomes making sure that my partner is happy. I know what she likes, and I do what she likes (which often involves helping her to finish with my mouth). Of course, this is mutual.... she knows what I need (and this is awesome).

4) You are talking about sex toys as an obligation. Sex toys are supposed to be something to play with. They are fun... a little hot sauce on an already exciting meal. Reading your comments about sex toys is like reading about an exercise regimen for someone trying to get into police academy. You aren't doing this for your pleasure... but to impress your boyfriend/drill instructor who is judging your performance.

You have to decide what you want in a relationship. But what you are describing; a partner who is insulting your body, blaming you for his problems, and demanding that you please him.

This isn't a relationship I would want to be a part of.

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Sun 8 Nov, 2020 10:33 pm
Male here. I face the same problem with my wife. However, we have a solution: Using the cowgirl position you can put more pressure on your mate's penis. Use more horizontal movements rather than vertical, which brings more friction to the clitoris. This is actually the only position in which my wife can climax, so it's a win win for us. Another consideration: maybe your mate is climaxing too much on his own; let it build up for a week and climax only with you.
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Thu 24 Dec, 2020 01:26 pm
Shrag is correct.

Also penis extenders work okay, dp strap ons are AMAzing even though you are not into anal, when done RIGHT it brings some of the heaviest of most awesome orgasms EVER!!! Also you do not have to do the dp, his penis can be over or under depending on the set up making love to you until he can't any longer, then insert the strap on. But hey, if you do not want big orgasms then don't. It should be your choice.

You do always have the rub techniques, grind, hump, rub whatever you want to call it.

I discovered in college an anal plug in a guy made him harder and that worked well with me for the smaller guys but I also enjoy anal, I researched it, practiced, got VERY good at it, then trained all my guys. Not a one did a bad job after they learned it correctly. We all have to be educated.

Also there were a few guys who were to large who wanted me anally, I asked them if they could take it anally their size or larger then I would give it a go again. A few took me up on it, and we had a BLAST! I still had a hard time but it was so much fun playing and trying together we enjoyed it. As for the others, yes, not as much fun but, it doesn’t always work for everyone. Poor fellers, I had it for them.

Then last, there are the hollow penises. Hey, you gotta do what you have gotta do. But again, it’s up to you. My man and I work at it together as a couple; we find a way – together.
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Mon 8 Mar, 2021 12:31 am
I think he is selfish. I prefer a looser vagina in sex. Too tight and I cum too quick. I have encountered a few so tight I could not get in... yes, I am a little more than average size penis.
There is a simple answer.... place your hand over his your pussy and let his penis glide between the two middle fingers to apply pressure.
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Mon 8 Mar, 2021 08:12 am
Larry David's take on the "Big Vagina" (this is rather quirky humor, if you are offended then don't watch).

I betcha there are a ton of guys out there who have been labeled with a small penis... and its the Big Vagina.

Think of it biologically. Why shouldn't there be as many big vaginas as there are small penises. These Big Vagina ladies are getting away with murder.
Thu 11 Mar, 2021 05:24 pm
Go see a DR. If you are to big, maybe a couples of stitches would help!
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