Unprotected sex

Thu 1 Jul, 2021 09:05 am
Hey everyone… so basically, i am on birth control (the mini pill) and 3 days ago i had unprotected sex. the thing is, i make sure to always take my pill every day without fail but there are days where i take it a couple hours later than usual cause i forget, and that decreases it’s efficiency. and googling this stuff hasn’t helped because now i am worried that i might be pregnant. for the past couple of days i’ve been feeling kind of nauseous and i’ve been getting occasional stomach pains - not sure whether i could describe them as cramps tho. but adding everything up, it sounds worrying. but there’s a catch - i’m currently on what seems to be a period because usually i get spotting on the pill, but it’s gotten heavier than normal. so therefore, does that completely rule out the possibility of being pregnant? or is it implantation bleeding as google’s been saying… i honestly have no idea and Brook, which is where i usually go for help, is closed until next week so i need someone to put my mind at ease.

any thoughts/advice? i hope i don’t sound stupid haha
Thu 1 Jul, 2021 09:21 am
Call Planned Parenthood and ask for advice.
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Thu 1 Jul, 2021 11:00 am
It could be anything - that is the danger of the internet - you get too much information.

It could be simply your stress and your worry about the possibility of being pregnant that you feel nauseous and getting stomach pains.

To ease your mind - you can go to the store and get a pregnancy test but it may be too early to get an accurate read yet - it is suggested that you wait a week after your "missed" period or one - two weeks after sex for a more accurate reading.

As far as the "period" you are having - it does not 100% rule out pregnancy, technically you would not have a period if you are pregnant, but you can have bleeding so that is why it can be tough to tell and some woman do not think they are pregnant.

I think the suggestion to call planned parenthood or at least a doctor - not sure what Brook is - assuming a medical center? You could call there and I would imagine they would direct you where you can help. Maybe just calling planned parenthood or a doctor or nurse would help put your mind at ease.

Caveat - we are not doctors on here so we cannot provide medical advice - just our experiences. Googling things are just going to stress you out more.

My best advice is to talk to someone with medical knowledge - my other advice is not to stress - personally I think your chances are small you are pregnant between taking the pill (even if not at the exact hour) and that you are showing signs of having a period - it does not rule out 100% - as abstinence is the only thing that is 100%, but your chances are low.
Thu 1 Jul, 2021 12:31 pm
yeah you’re right, i will get in contact with someone with medical knowledge just to be on the safe side. and yes, Brook is a like a sexual health advice centre. but that’s definitely put my mind at ease so thank you!
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Fri 10 Sep, 2021 03:34 am
Me and my girlfriend have been having using protection I find it difficult to finish while using protection I think it’s because I haven’t used any in over a year my ex and I never used them and my ex before her never used any either I’ve tried everything on google any suggestions
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