Is there anything to take to make a period come more early than usual.

Reply Thu 22 Oct, 2020 07:23 am
I want to know if there is any way to make my period come more early than usual. I think it would be nice to finish it early. Does anyone have any advice on what I can take to help make my period come earlier though. Any advice would be nice. Thanks.
Reply Thu 22 Oct, 2020 11:26 am
Do not muck about with your body without talking to a doctor. Do not take any advice from anyone who is not medically qualified, it can be very dangerous.

Make an appointment to see your doctor.
Reply Thu 22 Oct, 2020 11:29 am
A quick google led to interesting results... of course your doctor can give you hormones that can change your menstrual cycle.

It appears that there is scientific evidence that exercise and orgasms can cause a period to come a little earlier.


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Reply Thu 22 Oct, 2020 11:02 pm
I'm not even sure what she's asking. Does she want her actual period to come early? Which makes no sense because her entire cycle will just start over.

I tend to think from whatever else she said that she wants the length of her period to be shortened.

Honey, if something like that existed, every woman of mentruating age would be lined up around the planet for whatever it is.

Short answer is no, you can't make your period that lasts 4 or 5 days into something that lasts 2 or 3 unless you go on birth control pills or something else hormonal.

btw for if you don't want to have a period at all and you're on the pill. There is no reason why there is that standard of on the pill for 21 days, and off for 7 days.
The reason it was set up that way is because men invented birth control pills, and they thought it would to upsetting to a woman not to get her period every month. I hear every woman reading this laughing.

So you can, with a prescription get pills that have no "fake" pills and just take the entire 90 day supply for 3 months.
It is encouraged to take a break and have a period then. To me, it would just be a good way to get everything cleared out.

In bygone days, and I suppose today too for some women, if you are sexually active, having children and lactating, you might only get your period a few times a year anyway.
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Reply Fri 23 Oct, 2020 04:54 am
There is a process called "menstrual extraction" which was developed as a method of terminating a pregnancy early on. It is a relatively low-tech, safe procedure.
The discovery that almost any woman could learn the technique of menstrual extraction was accompanied by the discovery of several obvious and very practical uses for it. Women could free themselves of heavy, crampy periods, or avoid having a period if it would interfere with travel, vacation or perhaps an athletic event, and could extract the contents of the uterus if there was the possibility of unwanted pregnancy.

I first learned about this procedure in a '70s magazine dedicated to female athletes — the woman I was dating at the time pointed it out to me.
Reply Fri 23 Oct, 2020 12:02 pm

I just looked that up, and just.....no.

Reply Sat 24 Oct, 2020 02:58 pm
Oh, I know. It's beyond the pale.

Aside from its role in contraception and its reported use by competitive athletes I think it would be a pretty hard sell.

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Reply Thu 29 Oct, 2020 05:47 am
I'm with Izzy on this one.
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Reply Thu 29 Oct, 2020 06:41 am
the woman I was dating at the time pointed it out to me.

I was half-expecting that you had pointed it out to her.
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