Contagious Diseases That Require Quarantine

Reply Thu 8 Oct, 2020 03:08 pm

Out of curiosity, which one of the below listed highly contagious diseases would you be comfortable gambling with? I looked up which infections required isolation or quarantine and wondered if anyone would be alright with people handling your food, cutting your hair, greeting your children at daycare, taking your order in a restaurant, how about giving you a facial?

Or are all of the below conditions just a democrat hoax?

By Executive Order of the President, federal isolation and quarantine are authorized for these communicable diseases:

Infectious tuberculosis
Yellow fever
Viral hemorrhagic fevers (like Ebola)
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS, MERS, COVID-19)
Flu that can cause a pandemic
Learn more about Quarantine and Isolation.
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Reply Thu 8 Oct, 2020 05:08 pm
You forgot the common cold.
Reply Thu 8 Oct, 2020 05:31 pm
PUNKEY wrote:

You forgot the common cold.

You're not trolling this thread, are you? Or are you slightly hypochondriatic and relatively naive?

All things being equal and if we weren't in a current COVID pandemic, it may be common courtesy to self-quarantine if one has the common cold but most companies won't take this as an excuse to go to work. Most people don't have so many sick days to ... just throw away for a simple sniffle or cough (lessened by cough syrup or over the counter meds).

The other diseases? There could be legal ramifications if you go to work sick with them and spread them around to your coworkers. The common cold is relatively less virulent and dangerous than the listed diseases. If you had one of these diseases? Most companies would be hard pressed to keep you away from work. They may ultimately be greedy sacks of sh!t and fire you if you take too much time off work but they're going to treat someone with the common cold much more differently than someone with the listed disease.
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Reply Thu 8 Oct, 2020 05:58 pm
They don't put you in isolation for a cold or pink eye or stomach upset.....Hemorrhagic Fever is more serious.
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Reply Thu 8 Oct, 2020 10:09 pm
You are aware, I'm sure, the need to quarantine does not apply to the current White House resident evil.

Apparently, in illness such as typhus, the better solution is a cold snap.

I noticed Measles is missing from the list.

Personally I'd rather not have contact with any of the contaminants from any of the listed diseases.
Reply Thu 8 Oct, 2020 11:07 pm
Since most kids (with responsible parents) are vaccinated against measles, if there is an outbreak the child is sent home and separated from the other kids, but the entire house isn't usually put into isolation. However, since many stupid assholes who think they know better than the doctors, have decided not to vaccinate because they don't really believe what a horror show measles, mumps and chicken pox can be, they aren't worried about blindness, loss of hearing or death....especially if it only happens to others...you know, the unlucky ones.

When you and I were children, it was a much bigger deal.

I agree that it is still not to be trifled with, but if you've had measles or were vaccinated it shouldn't be a problem. I wouldn't share spoons or combs, but other than that.......

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Reply Thu 8 Oct, 2020 11:10 pm
And the vainglorious specimen in the White House is too enamored with himself to admit he could possibly contract an infection. He makes sure people around him are tested, but he could care less if he infects others....with the democrat hoax. The lump of fat is an odious cretin that leaves a slime trail wherever he slithers.
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