This dream confuses me! What does this dream mean?

Thu 10 Sep, 2020 01:45 pm
I dreamed that I was in a jungle dressed in some kind of suit and there was a jaguar biting me, it was not a hurting bite but a bite like a dog bite when it's playing to you. It was biting my arm, probably my left wrist, and I was playing with it and for some reason I was trying to get up because I felt a Iad to do something else but the jaguar didn't let me and then a push it away and it let me go, but at any moment it hurted me. Maybe I was a little bit scared at the begining of the dream but very quickly I stopped being afraid. And I didn't looked back.

I did some research and there are several meanings, not exactly for this dream of mine, but the explanations are opposite e I am confused.

I was wearing this


This was the jaguar

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Thu 29 Oct, 2020 11:49 am
The jungle can represent a situation in which the grounds of reasoning supports untamed emotions or displays of emotion (as it is the home of wild animals). Dressed in a suit indicates you are functioning at your best as a man, yet in a suit-like outfit your way of functioning or your behaviour may not be "suited" for the situation you are in.

The jaguar, being an animal, represents an emotional aspect of yourself, one reflecting a subconscious type of feeling that is very dangerous. A feeling represented as a wildcat is expressed by making oneself feared as a means of gaining control over others. It can come via a bad temper and the ability to "chew people out. that is, to scold and reprimand. While you may feel on an emotional level that you have this ability, there is someone you know whose nature is coming across as if a jaguar.

Biting you would imply that this ability to make yourself feared is not working in your favour yet because the jaguar is "playing" with you, this ability is not being seen or taken seriously. Biting at the 'left' wrist would indicate an act that is wrong and also one that affects or even limits the acts of your hand - what you do - where those acts would come from being "up in arms" or angry. {Could your own fear of becoming a jaguar be holding you back from scolding or reprimanding where you see such a need?}

Trying to get up can imply that this feeling of being able to appear threatening to others has gotten you "down", implying depressed or feeling demeaned. You need to take a stand (get up) because there is something you feel you have to do - other than playing with the jaguar, that is, other than not taking this ability to intimidate seriously. You need to exert your conscious thinking to push away this subconscious feeling of being intimidating because it has the ability to hurt you. (at any moment it hurted me) You also may need to stop being afraid of your own emotional potential or capability. [A subconscious fear is very dangerous]

[Note that when encountering an individual who lives from the perspective of a jaguar-like nature, having such an emotional capability of your own, helps you deal with them and not fear them.] Note that a jaguar and a leopard both have very similar spots on their fur. While it is said that a leopard never changes its spots, the dream might be suggesting that a jaguar nature could change. Just a point to ponder.]
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