How is it like to get a mammogram though.

Reply Wed 26 Aug, 2020 09:17 am
I will have to get a mammogram in a awhile. I have some anxiety of getting it since I haven't done any before. Can someone tell me how it is it like. I would like to know more about getting one ya. Any advice would be nice. Thanks.
Reply Wed 26 Aug, 2020 09:31 am
You prep that morning by not using any deodorant or powder. This is because deodorant has aluminum chlorhydrate which can show up on x-rays and give a false positive. There's a similar issue with powder, so just don't use either.

You'll probably fill out forms including a sheet asking about any scarring you may have if you've had surgery or the like so they can account for it when they're checking you.

You strip down to the waist and go into a room with a technician (I have never had a male technician). They will position you in several different ways so they can get pictures from all sorts of angles. You'll have to hold positions and hold your breath while they take the x-ray images.

The machine works by pancaking your breasts down. I have been both small and large for mammograms (when I've been thinner or heavier) and I can honestly tell you that it pinches no matter what size you are. That's no reason not to have it done, of course.

If they see something and they want more detail, you might get an ultrasound (which looks just like on TV if you've ever seen a woman on TV getting an ultrasound - same thing except they're checking your breasts and not your uterus).

Either way, they'll generally (at least in the US) get you results in maybe 2 - 3 days on the outside.

Then you come back in 6 or 12 months depending on what they say, and you get to do it all over again.
Reply Wed 26 Aug, 2020 05:46 pm
Really accurate description jes.

However, for me I wouldn't use the word pinch. It just feels like they are being squeezed.

It doesn't hurt in any way.

As far as the time it takes to get each image, no more than 5 to 10 seconds each.

The most annoying part is having to get your arm out of the way of the line of imaging. You end up having your arm at some awkward angle behind your head or back, or whatever else the technician asks you to do.

If you've had a pelvic exam/pap test, I'd say a mamogram is about 10% to 15% as annoying. It's really nothing to be worried about.
Reply Wed 26 Aug, 2020 07:16 pm
I've had pinching of the flesh where the breast meets the side of my arms. But I also tend to get a ton of angles done because I've had breast surgery and have scar tissue.
Reply Wed 26 Aug, 2020 07:23 pm
Every year for decades I would always have to have one breast or the other redone because of dense breast tissue.

I had the sads the first time that wasn't the case. Sad
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