Trump Will Win Because Liberal Media Cannot Hide This Behavior by BLM Democrats

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People have internet. Guess dumbassed establishment media doesn't realize that. Voter's don't need socialist media to feed them full of ****.
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Reply Thu 20 Aug, 2020 03:26 am
LOL @ 3 red thumbs: Nothing if not predictable are they.

Trump will lose, fairly and squarely ... Bizarrely it'll not be because the man is a dangerous paranoid narcissist with early on set dementia who is not fit to be employed collecting karts/trolleys at WalMart .... It is because he has simply not delivered what the majority who voted for him, voted for.

Which was as with all moronic populist voting in the west ...... More money in their own pockets, more supposed job security, a dose of patriotism and to simply feel better about their tawdry, despicable, truly awful pleb life. They desire to be socially stroked and told that someone cares about them, the poor weak little dears ... Hence for example all the hate directed toward the ethnic and immigrant communities by these inbreeds in all countries.

In the case of the USA, Slip here and all his lickle fwends want Donny to pat them on the head and tell them what good little boys they are.

That's the reality .... The socio economic dross like this fool OP and his friends did not return Trump in truth, they'll vote for any turd in a suit who preaches racism and hate ... Rather it was the lower/middle level white collar workers, their wives and the upper blue collar workers and their wives who returned Trump .... This time they will not .... Because he is an abject failure for them personally. They do not care about anything or anyone else - just themselves. Their chant is always across the world "What about me!!" .... Too lacking in IQ to realise that the whole of society directly effects their lives.

One has to suspect that the overall vote will be down as people choose not to vote GOP but cannot bring themselves to vote Democrat. The USA like the UK has one of these utterly ridiculous gerrymandered voting systems; Entirely promoting this whole infantile adversarial game that gets played.

The reason that we have more stable government and far better, fairer and more peaceful societies in most of the EU plus far more politically informed members of the public when it comes to at least basic political beliefs, is because our votes actually count in the PR systems used. Meaning even minor parties will gain some seats and take some part in government. We do not have 'We won, feck you, you lost!" .... We have who do we work with for this session of parliament ... This stops utter cretins from building walls or buying more arms when 50 million citizens are without any health care. FFS

The USA is like a big, mentally challenged, malformed toddler bully at pre-school ..... It has become a pathetic wounded animal but hopefully when it passes away as it will, then like a Phoenix comes back, it will be as a much better entity ... The main issue is will it do so without destroying the world fighting a world war with China because of the USA's risible petulance and toddler foot stamping.

Dr Sliptinschit
Reply Thu 20 Aug, 2020 10:26 am
LOL @ 3 red thumbs: Nothing if not predictable are they.

Wow, what a hypocrite.
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