Am I tripping? What to do in a situation like this?

Reply Wed 5 Aug, 2020 12:19 pm
So I met this guy at my college a few years back and we’ve been talking off and on for quite some time. Most times when we talk, he always mentions how much he wants to see me. Like almost every conversation he adds on where we can meet up. Weve gone out times in the past and it was really cool. Hes a nice guy and seems like a smooth talker. I had let him known in the past im not up for games and sweet talks. So he kind of plays it off now. He keeps telling me how hes gonna take me places (he does construction and truck driving). And if i somewhat joke around and cut him off with an attitude he brushes it off with “who im talking to” and “oh baby ima get you right cus ur something else”. A few days ago he posted on his snapchat at some kind of bar or something. It was a super dark but red colored lit room and he had 2 girls with him. One by his side and one standing up. They looked skinny as hell and wore som club type stuff. Idk what they were doing but it looked liked counting something or lighting a cig. In the background was a tiny stage or som with a hoop. Kind of like a aerial hoop idk. It was weird but i wasnt tripping cus i didnt care lol. He deleted the snaps immediately after i saw them. When i talked on the phone I asked him where it was like i wanted to go cus it looked cool. He told me it was a bar called something. I looked it up and the place looked nothing like what i saw. Plus he hesitated to answer lol. I have no idea what this dude is pulling but i do see red flags. Ive dated alot before and it wasnt this weird. Im not a person to judge but i do know when i feel something up. Help a girl out folks! Thanks
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Reply Wed 5 Aug, 2020 12:28 pm
You're not dating. This means you are both free to date anyone else you like, without judgment. Period.
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Reply Wed 5 Aug, 2020 12:29 pm
In essence then without the verbiage:

* You met a man at college some years ago
* You talk to him, but have not gone out with him it appears
* You see a picture on his social media which you find odd
* He removes it after telling you the name of the bar

Why do you care what he does? Why is it your business what he does to whom and with what? You're not seeing him, you're not g/f & b/f .... So?

Tripping? Yes I'd imagine you probably are; maybe once too often.
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Reply Wed 5 Aug, 2020 01:29 pm
Well! guess youv’e been told, huh?

Look, this guy is a player. If he wasn’t, he’d move heaven and earth to be with you. All he is is talk.

Do you have time and energy to try to tame him? If so, then have at it.

If not, cut him off and find yourself a local man.
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Reply Thu 13 Aug, 2020 04:59 am
If you want something more permanent and serious, forget that clown. He will only bring you confusion and heartbreak.
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