I Think I’m a Straight Woman, but Men Make Me Uncomfortable

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If men only see you as a sexual object, the problem is with them not with you. Try to get out more and meet men who appreciate you for the person you are. If you can click with someone who loves you because of your personality, then it might be the real thing. Looks ciome cheap. Make up. hair do, men can fall for any combinations, but when someone loves you from their heart, you will feel it strongly. And you will have the confidence and will to love them back, if you love them in that way too. If those elements and qualities aren't there, you will end up in a heartache situation.
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pinkofficepen wrote:

:/// this was unhelpful and a bit jarring

I will take "jarring" as a compliment. I have a unique perspective on this. But, I was hoping my point of view is at least a little helpful. I am advocating for sex positivity; the idea that sex, and sexual desire are good things that should be enjoyed (by people who want them).

The United States is in the middle of a sexual recession, people are having less sex now than we did in earlier decades. And our society gives us all kinds of mixed messages and reasons that both men and women shouldn't enjoy sex or that the sex they want is somehow bad. I personally believe that we should ignore this. Sex is a natural part of human nature and something that can freely be enjoyed by willing partners.

I kind of agree with Chuck, the most fulfilling sexual relationships are about far more than sex. In a great relationship the sex is only one expression of a real connection between two people.

That being said, sex is important. There is only one person in the world with whom I have sex. I have lots of very good friends with whom I have an emotional bond but I have never had any sexual interest in them... a sexual relationship for me is quite a bit different than a close friendship.

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