Difference between Christianity and all other religions

Reply Fri 28 Aug, 2020 07:28 pm
@Alan Masterman,
You can't be serious. Are you so ignorant of science and religious philosophy?

It's amazing what I've learnt here.

You'd need to specify which particular piece of my ignorance you refer to before I can either agree or disagree.
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Reply Tue 8 Sep, 2020 12:53 pm
Reading 'The Gnostic Bible' for past few days. Absolutely amazing.
In a way, I’m glad they eluded me until now. Otherwise I might have doubted that their lessons had already arrived via gnosis.
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Reply Thu 10 Sep, 2020 04:29 am
@mark noble,
Re: peacecrusader888
I've studied theology for close to 40yrs - I discard Matthew as being a rehash of Mark - With multiple 'control' mechanisms, interjected therein.

Now 'Enoch'... That's a worthy Book (5 Books) - But it's Not in the 'Christian' Version of 'relativity'.
It's in the Judaic scriptures, though... And Greek (Hermetica - Hermes), Roman (Mercury), Egyptian, Sumerian - He did build the pyramids, afterall.

Have a Lovely day

You can believe anything, including "Enoch" and the lost books of the Bible, but to be saved and have eternal life, you have to believe in Jesus Christ as true man and true God.
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