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What does "no class" mean? "Does not belong to any class? Nether elite nor working class?

New Scientist
Hydroxychloroquine, a drug developed in the 1940s to treat malaria, was touted in some quarters as a coronavirus treatment. But a large randomised trial has shown it has no beneficial effects, and several serious side effects.

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some Side effects;
Loss of hair, orange skin, loss of brain function, fear & anxiety, weight gain, horrible @ golf & life, slurred speach, body odor, no class/culture or empathy, shrinking of genitalia & inabilities to form errections....
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In this case, it refers to a person with no decent qualities. A despicable person of less value (as a person) than even a sack of wet sawdust. A person with no empathy for others, no interest in anybody or anything other than themself/themselves. Their only focus is getting what they want. This can be in terms of monetary gain, political gain, influential people gain, business opportunity gain, and more. It can also be a combination of two or more of the aforementioned.

A No class person may be a member of the elite group. However, it is meaningless. They have their money and possessions, nothing else.

There are folks in the working class with no class. They too will often exhibit disgraceful, disturbing, disgusting behavior.

No class people tend to be crass. Vulgar. Mean spirited. Self absorbed. Clueless about the world. Clueless about others.

The no class person is best to be avoided. While one might have a moment or two of basking in the glow of some sort of success and happiness while associated with them, it will end abruptly and with likely criticism by the person they had viewed as a good person and friend.

People are often placed in a class system. This basically means how others see them and treat tyem.

First class , second class, third class, low class, high class, upper class, classless/no class.
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It sounds that no class = untouchable.

Thank you.
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They are not to be touched...if it can be avoided. They can however at times be touched by the long arm of the law and brought to trial, convicted and imprisoned.
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Reply Sat 13 Jun, 2020 10:52 am
Just in case it isn't clear. The response is a sarcastic reference to president Trump. It is saying that Trump has no decency.
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oristarA wrote:

It sounds that no class = untouchable.

Thank you.

Not in this case.
It's not saying someone/something isn't at a particular tier.

The expression of something like "they/he/she has a lot of class" indicates they are someone who is a real gentleman or lady. For example, polite, respectful and worthy of respect. Someone who won't bad mouth another, or act in a petty way. That they are a refined person.

In that way it doesn't have anything to do with money or how/where they were born.

That can extend to material things like dressing or living in a non gaudy, yet attractive, mindful way, etc.

In other words, a person of personal high qualites and standards.

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