The behavior of my ex "almost boyfriend"

Reply Tue 5 May, 2020 09:44 am
I was in my first year of college, he was in fourth year and we didn’t know each other.

We accidentally started talking on Facebook and it was great. However, both of us had personal problems to deal with due to past relationships and we stopped talking and said we’ll get back in touch when we’ll feel better.

One month later, after having sorted our things out, we started talking again and he asked for my number. After a few days, I asked him out for coffee and we met. It was magical. Before meeting him, I didn’t believe in the "love at the first sight", "chemistry" or "goosebumps" stuff. It lasted around two hours and it was the first time I felt that a guy was genuinely interested in me. He confessed that he had chronical depression and was followed by a therapist, and that he wanted to take his time.

But precisely one week after we met, I received an admission offer from a top university, abroad. It was cristal clear that I will have to move away. When I told him about that, I also decided to tell him that I was starting to have real feelings for him and that I was sad because of the situation. He congratulated me and also reciprocated the thing, telling me he liked me too.

He didn’t want to try long distance at all because that was precisely the reason why he broke up with his ex and told me that I better find someone else close to my place. I got frustrated but calmed my emotions because the truth was that we barely knew each other. We told each other that we’ll keep in touch and we went no contact for 2 months.

I was slowly getting over him when he suddenly texted me four weeks ago. He asked me how I’m doing and we texted a few messages back and forth but he totally ignored my last message. He didn’t even click on the convo. I don’t understand why, because we appreciate each other and he is a really nice guy. Plus, he knows that I’m extremely emotional and that I can see him active on social medias.

What should I do? It hurts a lot and I just feel crazy for getting emotional because of that.
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...he had chronic depression...

He didn't want to try long distance relationship...that was precisely why he broke up with his ex.

...find someone else close to my place.

He has a history of depression. This might be part of why he has not responded to a message.

He said a past long distance relationship went on to a breakup. He doesn't want to go through that again. The two of you discussed and agreed to this.

He may just be trying to have a friendship, no romance.
Possibly he did not respond because he too has feelings. Again, because of the past relationship breakup, he doesn't want to risk that hurt again or put you through it.

You aren't crazy, you have feelings, that's good! Now decide if you are okay with what may be only sporadic communication from him. It may be time to place him on the side, at least until the current phase of your education is completed. Let him know what is going on with your emotions as well.
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Reply Tue 5 May, 2020 07:40 pm
Everyone’s shut in, shut out and shut down, due to Covid 19 - so they start calling , FBing, or texting everyone they know, just to have some human contact.

That's what he's doing, just connecting. Not to start up something of quality.

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bobsal u1553115
Reply Tue 5 May, 2020 08:39 pm
Fifty Shades of Ex. Dragging this out won't help either of you.
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