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Governors who pushed hardest for reopening get lowest approval
Source: American Independent

By Josh Israel -May 19, 2020 12:36 PM

Governors who bragged about keeping their states open also received low marks.

A 50-state poll released Tuesday shows that most governors who refused to issue stay-at-home orders or rushed to reopen their states get among the lowest marks for their handling of the coronavirus.

The SurveyMonkey data shows that while 49 of the 50 governors get majority approval for their responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, the eight who got the least support included three governors who never issued stay-at-home orders, another who co-authored a Washington Post opinion piece bragging about keeping his state "open for business" during the pandemic, and three more who have come under fire for reopening too quickly.

Of the seven governors — all Republicans — who refused to issue stay-at-home orders at any point in the pandemic, most rate in the bottom half nationally as far as approval. (Only North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum cracked the top 15.)

Four of those governors boasted earlier this month that their states "stayed open in the covid-19 pandemic" and that their "approach worked."

I think the reason has to do with the fact that people and their employers don't just consider it voluntary to show up for work or not, so if they have to decide for themselves whether to come to work and/or whether to close their business or keep it open, it is more difficult than if the government just tells them they have to shut down and stay home.

Technically, everyone should be able to just agree on what to do and not do to avoid virus exposure, but people are not good at working together to figure out cooperatively what the best thing to do is, i.e. because we are used to deferring to other people's authority when the decision is theirs to make.

E.g. if our employer opens their business, we have to go to work because otherwise we look like we're shirking, even if we say the reason is to avoid COVID19. If an economy is re-opening and someone doesn't want to re-open their business because of COVID19, the economy just passes them by and they go out of business.

So instead of individuals making the best choices for themselves and their employees, they are just trying to keep up with economy; and that is why they rely on government to make decisions for them, i.e. because they don't want to pay the economic price of making an independent decision that deviates from the economic status quo.
mark noble
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Unless those governments are guided by a centralised group, Such as the 'WHO' whose information on the 'virus' is subject to false premise.

Kinda biological & psychological 'WMDism'.

Let's say the puppeteers of the 'WHO" or 'WTF', as I label them, selected the board - Based on their ability to do as told.
Let's say the same puppeteers had Full control over mainstream media and the internet (Google, facebollux, twitter, vimeo etc.)
Let's say the same puppeteers (Via Pirbright) Owned the patent on coronavirus (All).
Let's say the same puppeteers were pushing for a global 'vaccine' & or the bursting of the ecobubble, in said process.
Let's say the same puppeteers educated and 'Normalised' you and your predecessors/ancestors to succumb to their directives for eons prior.

Let's say - Hook, line, sinker.

Game over
Have a Lovely Day
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