Will social distancing force commercial airlines to create more elbow and leg room for passengers?

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I have seen in my own industry such a decrease in travel -

It used to be I would be able to this annual conference in the industry - it was in great areas like florida or san diego. Then they changed it were 2 people could go each year and would alternate and then even that changed.

Now - business travel is very limited. In part my industry has cut costs to the bare minimum. Everywhere costs are cut - that is why more than half our company in the past 8- 10 years have moved to India, Poland and China ...

I would not encourage anyone going to college now to go into my industry as jobs will be at a minimum whereas when I graduated - it was such a growing industry - now we do not even have basic things like plants and even a desk - it is cut/cut/cut.

So we rarely see it.
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I don't travel for business very often, but when I do it is quite valuable to my employer. I have worked for profit driven corporations for decades. They pay my salary because my work contributes to the corporate profits. This mutually beneficial arrangement is well understood.

In the past few years I have

- Traveled to a few conferences and presented at one. My company paid me a nice bonus in a public way when I presented because it was original work that benefited the company. They wanted to encourage other people to do the same.

- When I was working on software for Radiologists, they flew me to a hospital to work with Radiologists. I sat down with them, and then I spent a shift Radiologists to watch how they worked an interacted with software. This experience was interesting to me, but it was invaluable to my company.

- When I was working on software that was used in a warehouse, we had an unexplained problem that threatened to cost our customer hundreds of thousands of dollars. We weren't able to reproduce the problem on our end, so they flew me down to the warehouse to troubleshoot the problem. My present on site was worth a great deal of money to my employer.

Every time my employer has sent me on a work trip, they have to pay airfare (which can be a thousand dollars in itself), plus hotel (at $120 a night) and a car (at $35 dollars a day) plus up to $80 a day on an expense account (which I don't completely use).

Corporations care about their profits. They only take on these types of extra expenses when they know they will get more value in return.
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The Airline Legroom Wars Rage On.

Published Sep 6, 2014

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