Concerned about a situation with a close friend...

Reply Wed 8 May, 2024 07:04 pm
Hi I need help! I am a little shaken up from a situation today.

(I am in high school) My close friend and their friend were going to sm0ke in the school bathrooms and I asked to come along. I arrived before them and another person i knew was also there. They asked if I wanted to hit their c@rt so I said yes. after i was coughing really bad and sat on the ground, when I see my friend and their friend walk in. They check if I am ok and at this point its kicking in. They start sm0king while I am coughing really bad, to the point i was having trouble breathing on the floor. I move by the sinks where they all are and i am really nauseous, lightheaded, shaking, and my voice sounds is very quivery. Its obvious I am in distress and I put my head down and was barely talking and at one point was leaning on the sink because i thought i was about to throw up. My close friend continues sm0king right next to me and I am surrounded by sm0ke. They did ask if I wanted a hug, but I felt weird about the fact that they just kept sm0king while i was nearly throwing up and didn't really sit next to me to just keep me company. Everyone was around me not sure what to do bc I was really h!gh and i had trouble walking in a straight line. The group has me get up because teachers are nearby. I was having trouble talking and walking as we walked in the hall. They go back to their class and i walk the rest of the way alone. They never messaged me later to check up on me either. Is it my fault? I know i made the decision to do this but should my friend have kept me company and checked up on me later. also the h!gh was NOT worth it, Im prob not gonna sm0ke again.
Reply Wed 8 May, 2024 08:53 pm
Of course it's not your fault! You had a physical reaction to inhaling a foreign substance. That's... normal.

These people should have checked on you, rather than trying to make sure they didn't get into trouble.

This is not the way good, close friends behave.

You made a good decision to not do this again. I'm sure you'll make other good decisions in the future. Hope you're feeling better.
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Reply Thu 9 May, 2024 07:34 am
They were immature and irresponsible. You would’ve checked on them if it were the other way around. They’re not your friends. Keep it that way. Hope you’re ok now. Smoking is not something you need to do to be cool.
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Reply Thu 9 May, 2024 10:13 am
People tell us who they are all the time but we're so hopeful or stubborn or blind that we don't listen. Anyone who would abandon you in such circumstances would not be considered a friend in my books. What if it had been fatal and they could have prevented it?

Often people like this ask others to join them to expand their illicit group so don't think of it as a compliment. Instead, you should rightly feel disgusted.

Pay attention to what they told you when they buggered off - you don't matter to them at all.
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