'e's Not Quite Dead (No, He is) - RIP Terry Jones

Reply Wed 22 Jan, 2020 07:48 am
Jones was not just a member of the Monty Python troupe. He was also a writer and a director. He knew the medieval period so well that Holy Grail was more than just a yukfest. He made it impossible for me to watch the 1981 Excalibur film without cracking up and comparing – and Terry and his pals did it better.

Demenia/Alzheimer's are the cruelest diseases, I feel. They felled him at age 77.

He is forever Arthur 'Two Sheds' Jackson, Mr. Creosote, Brian's scolding mum, 1/3 of a three-headed giant (with Graham Chapman, RIP; and Michael Palin), and the enthusiastic, silent, and very naked organist. <3
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I just read that on the BBC. TJ had been suffering with dementia for a while and could no longer talk but Michael Palin said there was still enough of the old Terry left when he talked to him.

This is a link to the BBC obituary.


Like you said he was multi talented, he did a lot of history documentaries. This is just one of them on Egypt, but there's plenty more on Youtube.

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Reply Wed 22 Jan, 2020 01:42 pm
some of his BBC artsy documentaries were quite insightful. He even gave some Abstract xpressionist cache to Andrew Wyeth.
"Well, to be perfectly honest, if Wyeth would paint a rose, hed dry it out and step all over it first"

Truly RIP (Im sure John Cleese will have a nice gentle eulogy prepared).
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Borat Sister
Reply Wed 22 Jan, 2020 04:52 pm
Thank you for so much Terry
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Reply Wed 22 Jan, 2020 07:14 pm
If I show signs of Alzheimer's I give anyone permission to come and secretly blow my brains out. Its a horrible death. An older colleague died of it and wasnt even diagnosed through his family until one day he just walked out of the house in his underwear and walked to town. I hadnt seen him for about a year when I heard of this event. The yer before I said to him that he should get a check up because he was having aphasia episodes.
Reply Thu 23 Jan, 2020 01:47 am
If you're that concerned make a living will. My mother in law was obsessed with death with dignity yet when the time came she no longer had the wherewithal to do anything about it. I was just able to get the PoA forms sorted and that was it.

She was very tragic, by all accounts an abusive mother, but even she didn't deserve such a catalogue of misery towards the end.

Christmas Day 2003 husband dies. July 2004 only daughter dies. July 2005 only son dies. July 2007 surviving sister dies and so starts decline. By 2010 she was incapable of speech or understanding that chocolates were something you ate.
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