Pansexual Identity

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I have been following the pansexual epidemic for a couple of years. I have also met several folks who identify as pansexual. Some of these pan individuals really hate the idea of gender and biological sex. Personally, I believe that pansexual identity is highly polarizing, uptight, unsubstantial, and absurd. However, there are a few ideologies I kind of agree with. Thoughts?
Reply Mon 13 Jan, 2020 02:35 pm
..the pansexual epidemic..

...highly polarizing...



It's not an epidemic! It's not a disease! There is nothing polarizing about it, unless you want it to be!

And, a there is nothing absurd about it. Sexuality of a person is not absurd!

Being pansexual is a person's personal enjoyment of all people, and their enjoyment of them at times, intimately.
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