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If you are cruel and hurtful... just looking for money and power,
then don't even bother to read this.

As a lover of the mistress world, I get very tired of
stereotypes and misconceptions.
I play around with both dom and sub fantasies.
However, not having that special someone in real life is terribly sad.

It makes me feel good to have this article looked over by a
professional style mistress, who might enjoy commenting on it.
And so I present this to you...

Mistress - the real world - by Starhorse

The mistress is NOT impossible to satisfy.
She is NOT always using a whip on him,
and needs to be quite careful if she does.

Is the submissive always considered worthless or disgusting?
No. It can feel very good to express profound affection, and to
be under the control of this guiding force. Obviously, for some...
it is the loss of the mother that is at the heart of things.
The mistress may not take that exact form though.

Can a mistress actually be a very dangerous person?
Some of them have psychological problems that are all too real.
They definitely can be dangerous, and it is wise to choose carefully.

Does pain always have to be involved? Definitely not.
We all need love! Stereotypes can be highly misleading.

Is the mistress an all powerful being?
That is generally the preferred idea or fantasy.
There could be someone who is above her, and who has
slowly taught her many things about being in a power position.

Is power exchange something that fits the situation? It might be.
The important thing here is to not actually harm anyone.

The sub is not always in the same mood.
So the question comes up, what would he like today?
This also applies to the mistress of course.

She does NOT have to be hateful towards him!

She does NOT have to demand pay, but it depends on the situation.
A wife or girlfriend may actually love him, but a prostitute
is helping him with the fantasy in exchange for pay.

If she spanks him, it does NOT have to be vicious!

Is hardcore bdsm always needed? (absolutely not)
Is it dangerous? It most certainly can be, and is NOT for the amateur!
Understand that bdsm includes "safetys" and "contracts"

Is Light bdsm good for many subs? Yes, definitely!
It may be all they need in bdsm.

Does a mistress always use bdsm?
No, but she is providing much needed company...
and may be using the domination part of bdsm.

Can a marriage be saved by a mistress?
She might be giving guidance to both of them.
Thus creating a fresh and new world to explore.
Sex or romance outside the marriage is not always just for him!

What are some examples of a gentle session?
He needs to rest his face upon her breasts, or kiss her all up and down.
He may need to repeatedly say that he loves her, or loves women.
The sub may enjoy looking through an adult storybook with her.

Role play or cosplay can be a lot of fun. Example:
he pretends to be a prancing horsey, while she is catwoman.
Maybe the sub is a college professor. The mistress is Queen Mary,
who plans to give him a spanking because he is too boring.

He may need to simply be in her presence. That can be a powerful thing.
To be her assistant for some project, and cover the simple parts.
Maybe resting on a dog's mattress, or kissing her feet.

The submissive might need to have his girlfriend with him.
A game of spin the bottle is a classic enjoyment in a group setting.
One penny and five cartwheels with help from the mistress.

Will she give him kisses for doing small tasks? That is fine and very sweet!
The sub may wish to buy clothing for her, if both understand the
measurements and kinds of clothing she enjoys.

The mistress is a teacher. A beautiful and mysterious force.
She too needs to be loved. We all do. That brings us to the last
item in our list. The not so harmful punishment from Mistress Barehand.
The gentle but firm spanking and a good talking to during that spanking.
You are loved very much she says. Feel my love.

********* foot notes **********
To endure some degree of pain may be thought of
as a form of acceptance and inviting a greater power into one's life.
We hope that this power is love, and yet it might not be.

Love is sometimes a pain, and may protect us at the same time.
Love and pain, may remind us that we are not alone in this world.
We don't feel so rejected when the beautiful mistress is willing to spank us.

Suggested reading:
Definition of mistress (both modern and historical)
Safetys and contracts in bdsm! What it's all about.
The many types of whips and how to safely use one!
bdsm is NOT for everybody!...but a mistress is a joy.

Spelling and grammar:
I don't like spelling bdsm in caps. That is distracting.
I don't like always spelling dom in caps. Again, it is distracting.
As if some troll were trying to take our attention off the subject.

Am I looking for a prostitute? I cannot afford one.
I need a girlfriend who can be a mistress.
Maybe I can get some good advice at this place.
I might even get lucky.
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