Hanging out with boyfriend and his past hookup on vacation

Reply Fri 6 Dec, 2019 03:18 pm
Hi all... need some opinions.

I'm traveling out of the country with my boyfriend, and he's insisting that he and I go hang out with another guy (who he hooked up with the last time he was there) for only one night because "he knows the best spots to go out". My bf still keeps in touch with the hookup occasionally and says they've become friends, but something about this just makes me uncomfortable.

We've been dating for over a year and I'd say the relationship is very strong, I just have some reservations (maybe some jealousy/attachment issues) about spending time with another dude who he was intimate with.

Is my anxiety about this situation rational or should I try to get over it and have a good time...?

Any opinion is welcomed.
Reply Fri 6 Dec, 2019 04:10 pm
Consider this: your bf is being 100% above board about this. Beats the hell outta him sneaking around, or lying to you.

If you're uncomfortable, speak up! And also keep in mind that this is probably a good 3 - 4 hours out of your life and no more.
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Reply Sat 7 Dec, 2019 08:02 am
You are going to be able to tell in no time just how “connected” they still are, if you should meet up with this former hookup.

I just wonder why he would put you in this situation.

He can get a list of “hot spots” to go from this person, then enjoy them with you.
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