why aren't all doctors trained to society?

Reply Thu 10 Oct, 2019 09:32 am
@bobsal u1553115,
I have a nice day.

but then mr. wise man, acknowledge your own **** here.
if you try and mess with people online, they will do it back.
in your community, maybe your neighbours and colleagues are all pensive. lool.
its not how adults interrelate, generally.
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Reply Wed 23 Oct, 2019 05:38 pm
Dont want to offend anybody but we meet people and circumstances we need to improve ourselves, make us better. I can bet you meet not only doctors but many other people who acts like you describe. Try not to think about people that they are against religy or your opinions and they will react calmer on everything you do. And many those people disappear from your life. Try not to think about something bad and think good about everybody - your life would change! Not in instance but it'll happen.
Reply Thu 24 Oct, 2019 01:20 am
It seems you're lonely. But then don't try and influence people with your own thoughts. is this some psychological invasion y0u're trying to promote?
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Reply Mon 4 Nov, 2019 10:17 pm
It has to do more with common sense than training.
Reply Sat 30 Nov, 2019 07:06 am
it must be neither. it's a failed profession that adds little to the world.
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