Friends on Facebook?

Sat 7 Sep, 2019 08:30 am
I don't have Facebook so I'd like to ask everyone who has it.
When I go to a person's account and see the list of his friends, are they the people who follow this person or those who this person follows? In other words, are they the followers or the following?

Thanks in advance.
Sat 7 Sep, 2019 08:40 am
On your profile, it shows the people you are friends with or following. If the friendship is not reciprocal, you are indicated as following them, and vice versa.

Usually, when you look at someone else's profile, there's just a number of followers.

However --- and this is key -- different privacy settings will show different things. Furthermore-- also key -- FB is the biggest A/B tester on the planet. Every minute of every single day, they are testing layouts, colors, organization, the order in which they show you stuff, font size, you name it.

Hence what I tell you that I am seeing isn't necessarily what you are seeing. This is so granular that, at times, my husband and I have different layouts and we are on the same IP address, sitting not 10 feet from each other.

Or, you know, you could ask the person who owns the profile you're viewing.
Sat 7 Sep, 2019 08:47 am
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