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I have plenty of friends, but I've never really hung out w/ them out side of school! How can I hang w/ them so we're really friends? My problem is that I don't really live near any one and we don't have transpertation to really do anything. Sometimes I second guess my self and think that they dont like me because "they" dont invite me to do anything. I get really sad when every one is talking about what they're going to do over the weekend and I've never really done anything over the weekend! EVER! Only because I feel like I have no real friends! Iguess what im trying to get to is, "How can I open myself up to get these people to invite me to do something?''
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Invite them first!

It's easy. Your town probably has one or more of the following:
* bowling alley
* movie theatre
* museum
* park
* mini golf course
* fast food restaurant
etc. etc. you get the idea. Places that are not too expensive and are very safe and people have interest in them.

Then just tell your pals something like, "I'm going to the movies this weekend at the Octiplex, probably around 8 o'clock. Not sure what I want to see. Wanna come along and we can all go to something?"

That way it's very noncomittal. They can come or not, say yes or no, and it's not fraught with a huge amount of meaning but it can entice them out. Yes, you don't have good transportation options, but surely you can either walk or ask a friend or family member to drive you? Or make it an afternoon thing, and then walk both ways if the distance is reasonable.

The old saying is, to have a friend, be a friend. So if you want to be invited to things, you're probably going to have to make the first move. But once the first move is made, other things will fall into place.
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