What Fascism is and isnt.

Reply Fri 6 Sep, 2019 06:06 am
maxdancona wrote:

The irony is that Trump benefits from the extreme left. Every time a speaker at a college is shouted down, or some "nazi" get's beaten, or some worker gets doxed it drives a political wedge through the American public.

If the election is seen as a battle between the extreme right and the extreme left, Trump wins. It fits Trump's narrative perfectly when you get outraged right wingers and outraged left wingers yelling at each other. It is almost like the outraged left wants Trump to win... they are handing him exactly what he needs.

I want Trump to lose. And, I want him to lose because Americans choose policy over rage and progress over ideology.

Wanting Trump to lose adds to the conflict. When people finally accept Trump's POV as a legitimate part of US democracy, which represents his supporters; democracy will become peaceful.

As long as there is impetus to trump Trump, it is very difficult to strive for peace and non-dysfunctional 'democracy.'

Getting Americans to scream at each other about who is a Nazi doesn't help. And, that is exactly what this video is part of doing.

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He's got you targeted for trashing the thread. The more attention he gets the more radical his posts will get.
Reply Fri 6 Sep, 2019 07:24 am
edgarblythe wrote:

He's got you targeted for trashing the thread. The more attention he gets the more radical his posts will get.

I am moving this into the feud thread in hopes of avoiding us "trashing" another thread.

Reply Fri 6 Sep, 2019 08:00 pm
@Jewels Vern,
This is typical JV stupidity. Fascism was invented in Italy in the 1920s, and people who carefully study history can identify the tenets of facism, both theoretical and in practice. Remarks such as yours and the drivel Max habitually pukes up explain why people definitely are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. The world seems to be filled with idiots who seem to think that just as anyone can be a philosopher, anyone can be an historian. You and Max are very obviously ignorant and opinionated, a pairing which seems universal.

What shame that such an interesting topic gets trashed so quickly.
Reply Fri 6 Sep, 2019 10:02 pm
I respond to Setanta on the feud thread.

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Finn dAbuzz
Reply Mon 9 Sep, 2019 12:04 pm
Why? Because the expectations of folks like tsarspan and edgar are that their threads should only contain comments that agree with the point they are trying to make?

Talk about propaganda
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