My boyfriend for 6 years broke up with me

Wed 26 Jun, 2019 05:26 pm
My boyfriend for 6 years broke up with me I told him that I wanted to spend my life with him but he didn't want to because he lives in Canada and I live in the u.s. but he could have told me that in the beginning of the relationship but no he kept telling me that we were going to be together and wanted to marry me but now he doesn't want to be with me and I was devastated 6 years with this guy he told me he was sorry but I didn't want to hear it I put in my heart and soul into this relationship he could have told me he didn't want to be with me instead of leading me on I need to move on but I don't know how I keep thinking about him loving him but yet hating his guts.
Wed 26 Jun, 2019 06:32 pm
I am sorry to hear that. Lots of us, including me, have gone through the end of a long term relationship. It really sucks.

Take care of yourself.

Thu 27 Jun, 2019 07:49 am
Forget about him, it means that he is not for you. And you'll meet a better person in your life.
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Thu 27 Jun, 2019 07:52 am
Did the two of you ever discuss who would be packing up and moving if the relationship became long term? I find it hard to believe that in 6 years the subject never came up. One of you needed to bring it up. He may have been waiting on you to volunteer to move. Or maybe you have been waiting on him to volunteer to move. Either way, you could have resolved this part years ago.
(It kinda hard to "spend my life with him" when the two of you live in different countries and neither has made the decision to move during a 6 year relationship.)

You'll eventually get over him. I wish you well.
Thu 27 Jun, 2019 10:28 pm
Originally he was going to come to the u.s. but I don't know what changed his mind but the only thing that I got out of him was that he didn't like Donald Trump and I felt like it was more than just that
Fri 28 Jun, 2019 12:52 am
Well, Tfrump is making it difficult for non-citizens to live in the US, even if they have all the correct papers. But bottom line whatever the reason he gave you, you have permission to feel betrayed and abandoned for a while...as soon. as possible start looking forward, I know it hurts but it's not the end of the world.
(Yeah, I know everybody tells you that, but it's true..., good luck)
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Wed 6 Oct, 2021 08:16 pm
You cannot give what you do not have. If you love him - then you must let him go.... And if you let go of him - God will lead you to a better lover as you are yourself. And perhaps the greater part of love is to be hurt without being hurtful. I think Jesus demonstrated that kind of love to us and we can have His kind of love as He promised to put His mind in ours. I thank God for His love to us.
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Wed 6 Oct, 2021 09:57 pm
thank u for your content
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Fri 18 Feb, 2022 12:04 pm
Hi, can I talk to you? I'm just losing my 9 year relationship and I have no one to talk.
bobsal u1553115
Fri 18 Feb, 2022 04:32 pm
That may be very difficult. Max may well be out of the loop for at least while.
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Fri 25 Feb, 2022 04:13 pm
I know you’re upset and find it a waste of time but I don’t think you should view it as him leading you on. I really believe that he saw something with you and ultimately it came to a head that he probably realized it wasn’t possible. I definitely don’t think he lead you on for 6 years a man would probably do that for so long to get money and/or sex but if he wasn’t getting either from you his feelings were real. I know it’s hard, grieve how you need but it’ll pass.
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