Is there a chance something could happen between us?

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So, a bit of backstory for what I'm about to ask. I've always been super bad with romance. I've only ever had two crushes in my life, both in my late tweens, early teens and both rejected me flat out. I'm not super ugly or strange or anything, I'm average looking, kinda pretty (And can be really pretty if I take the time to put on makeup and do my hair), a nice, funny person, and while I'm not what you would call 'popular' I'm liked by most people and have many friends in my year. I've just usually ended up crushing on the guys that all girls do, that I don't have a chance with. A couple of guys have crushed on me, and even asked me on a date but unluckily I haven't liked any of them back, so I had to turn them down.

A short while ago, a new guy joined our class, called Noah. From the beginning we got along well (We were in the same group for a science project, and he sat next to me in math). We became friends and our science project group hang out together quite a lot. I had never really thought about him romantically, until someone made a joke about it and I thought about it seriously.

I realized that I actually did like him, quite a bit, but I thought I'd just ignore it so it would go away, as the first two times I asked a guy out had gone awfully. I thought it would be fine to just be friends.

Then came the day we presented the big project. Since it was such a big thing, after we did it in the first lesson, we got the rest of the day off timetable. We hung around as our own person friends who weren't in our class still had lessons. We also hung around with a couple other people from the other projects. One of these people was a girl called Layla, who is kinda known for being very... sexual. The guys kind of make fun of her a bit for it and call her a slut but everyone likes her and she's quite popular. We're not what you'd call close friends but we get along, and she's really nice and friendly. She currently has an older boyfriend, but she flirts around for fun anyway. As soon as she found out Noah was quite rich (His dad owns some successful business or something), she decided to flirt with him.I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about her, she had no idea I liked Noah and she wasn't trying to make me upset or jealous.

The entire day she was sitting on his lap, cuddling him and trying to get him to look at her boobs and stuff. He seemed to be fine with it, even though he made it clear from the beginning that he wouldn't be interested in actually dating her. I kinda pushed it aside at first, because, as I said before, I was trying to just be friends with him. The next day, at the weekend, we decided to all go out downtown to celebrate the end of the project as it was a big thing and a big part of our grade. Layla and her group also came with us. Again, they flirted all the time, they were basically on top of eachother, and when we were walking around he had his arm around her. And after about half an hour it really sunk in, I was crazy jealous. I tried to lie to myself and tell myself "Oh it's just gross to see people like that" but after about ten minutes I had to accept it. I spent the rest of the day trying to hide how jealous I was and talk mostly to my other friends in our group, since I didn't want Noah or Layla to realize that I was jealous.

That's basically it on whats actually happened, although I see the two of them hanging around with a couple other friends a lot during school, but I know that nothings going to happen between them, since she has a boyfriend and he has made it clear multiple times that he only wants to flirt around with her. He is quite flirty and touchy with everyone, even when we first got to know eachother her kept putting his arm around me and sitting next to me and stuff. I think we definitely get along as friends but I'm not sure if there could be anything more. I was thinking about it, and apart from me, Layla and another girl in our science group (who has a girlfriend) he hasn't really properly talked to any of the girls in our year, or been as touchy. I've brushed it off as him just messing around, but thinking back whenever he'd come up near me (usually when we were all talking about our project and stuff, he'd put his arm around me). He also talks to me a lot on instagram, ever since we found out eachothers he keeps initiating conversations and replying to my stories to talk. And everytime he's seen me in the corridors he's said hi just to me, even though he knows my friends quite well and I would have thought he'd want to talk to them. We also have quite a lot in common, but I won't go into it here.

He's average looking as well, and he has quite a loud, outgoing personality. As I mentioned earlier, his family are really rich (This is not why I like him, don't get the wrong impression. I didn't even know about this till a long time after I accepted I liked him). He's had a lot more experience than me, and has had loads of girlfriends before. He showed my group photos of a couple and their all gorgeous perfect 'popular girl' types who wear cute dresses and loads of makeup, wheras I've never had a boyfriend in my life. We get along really well and... I don't know if it's just me but I feel like there's something there mutually. I noticed a few times when we were hanging out after the project that I would feel him looking at me, especially when he was curled up with Layla or he had his arm around her. And when we were on the bus there, he sat next to me, not any of the others even though they all had spare seats next to them.

Reading this, do you guys think anything could happen between us? Do you think he likes me? Can any of you reccomend a way for me to find out it he does TT ? Finally, does anyone have any advice on how I could try ang get him to like me or get his attention? sorry for the long post, I just started writing and couldn't stop.
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Ask him for coffee or a soda.

Yes, ask him out. As they say in the financial services biz, past success (or failure) is no guarantee of future performance. Asking him out has nothing to do with the 2 previous times you asked a guy out and it didn't work.

Go for it.

And you can cocoon yourself a bit by making it ambiguous. It's just coffee (or soda). It's nothing big. Don't even call it a date. Go, have a good time. And when you're done, say, "I had a really good time. Want to make the next one a real date?"

And you'll see where you stand. If he is friendly and kind a person as you say, then he won't be mean about it.
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Reply Mon 15 Jul, 2019 09:53 pm
I think you should flirt a little. It seems you have peaked his interest so, make sure it stays that way. Make him fall head over heels in love with you. I wouldn't make any big moves at this point but, just maybe show your interested in him a little.
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