Does man make the times or does Time make the man?

Reply Sun 30 Nov, 2014 07:32 am
It’s a what came first the chicken or the egg kind of question. What makes the harvest, the seed or the environment? It’s both of course. And so it is with societies and times. It’s the culture that drives the times and the man. Put Hitler in the wrong soil, and he never becomes Hitler. Put Roosevelt, Ike, and Kennedy in identical circumstances but with today’s culture and values, and they don't become revered for the men they were: maybe better, maybe worse. Ike isn’t building an interstate highway system with today’s attitudes; kennedy isn’t sending a man to the moon, and Roosevelt isn’t passing social security. I know it was difficult for Roosevelt, but then he had the backdrop of the great depression, the threat of world communism, and the labor movement to support his policies. If he did get it passed, it would look more like obamacare than a government run retirement system.
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Reply Sat 4 Jun, 2016 09:58 am
Does this thread still exist, at least in the minds of the old contributors?
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